22 February, 2016
The LG G5 has some pretty interesting technology, and one of the most futuristic bits is the IPS Quantum Display. So we've explored exactly what it is.
23 March, 2015
After all the rumours and speculation, we’ve finally got our hands on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, and they’re living up to our expectations.
21 November, 2014
Corning announced its 4th generation of Gorilla Glass, which will make phone screens tougher than ever. Check out the videos for proof.
10 July, 2014
When it comes down to choosing which phone to buy, you have to take some time to consider how you're going to type on it
10 July, 2014
Most smartphones have a touchscreen and there are two main types - AMOLED and LCD. But what's really different about them?

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