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13 February, 2013

The Nokia Lumia 620 is a jack of all trades that has a great price tag, so we really like it. Its decent camera, fun looks and expandable storage make it a real winner.


The Lumia 620 looks fun. It’s got a chunky body, which gives it a reassuringly solid feel, and softly curved corners and edges that make it easy to hold. And its two-tone back cover gives it a really unique look.


We were surprised by the 5MP camera on the Lumia 620. It takes some really nice shots. You won’t win any photography awards with it, but compared to other 5MP cameras things look sharp and the colours are excellent.


We love music. So we couldn’t help but fall in love with the Lumia 620. It comes with Nokia MixRadio, which lets you stream music for free and even store playlists offline so you don’t always need an internet connection. And it’ll recommend music just for you.


There’s also Microsoft Office. The Lumia 620 has it preinstalled because it runs the Windows Phone operating system. That means you can create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files while on the move.


This is the only area that we would really want more from the Lumia 620. It’ll last you a day, but only if you’re not spending all your time streaming music or working on Microsoft Office. But if you use your phone more casually than we do, we don’t think you’d have a problem with the battery.

Unique features

Fancy exploring new surroundings? HERE City Lens will help, and it comes preinstalled on the Lumia 620. We really liked how easy it was to use. Just open the app, hold the phone up and it’ll tell you what you’re looking at. We even found a great little restaurant that we hadn’t seen before thanks to City Lens.

Want to see more of the Nokia Lumia 620? Check out our videos below.

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