12 April, 2016
The sun is shining, which is normally bad news for our phones…
24 March, 2015
Phone makers put a lot of money into creating better screens every year. But what is it that makes one screen better than another?
11 March, 2015
The Samsung Galaxy S6 has the best screen ever. It's official, thanks to tests and comparisons carried out by DisplayMate.
6 March, 2015
For years now, bigger has been better when it comes to handsets but as the main players start to settle, have we reached the perfect size?
30 January, 2015
We find ourselves charging devices on a daily basis. Will our smartphones ever break free from their chargers? Let's look at some potential solutions.
19 January, 2015
We tried out the Yotaphone 2 with its unique two-sided screen. After putting the Yotaphone 2 through its paces, here are our thoughts.
11 December, 2014
Corning said in November that it was launching Gorilla Glass 4, but it turns out that it has been on the Samsung Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy Note 4.