Samsung Galaxy Note 4

19 July, 2016
Samsung's next big Samsung Galaxy smartphone is on its way, with online web publications endlessly surmising what it'll be like.
18 August, 2015
Are you looking to make your working life that bit more streamlined, but not sure how? A new smartphone is always a good place to start - here are a few
11 December, 2014
Corning said in November that it was launching Gorilla Glass 4, but it turns out that it has been on the Samsung Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy Note 4.
14 November, 2014
We tend to charge our mobiles every day. Thankfully, some companies are developing technology, so that we don't have to leave our smartphones plugged in for as long.
11 November, 2014
We have more choice than ever when it comes to the colour of our gadgets. Here is what fashion bloggers think of the bright and beautiful new smartphones.
7 November, 2014
Did you get a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 recently? Here are some life hacks that will help you put your shiny new smartphone to good use.
28 October, 2014
Those who picked up the Galaxy Note 2 when it was released may be considering an upgrade. Here we'll outline how the Galaxy Note 4 compares to its older sibling.
17 October, 2014
Google's first phablet, the Nexus 6, will face some stiff competition. We compare it against one of the most popular devices, the Galaxy Note 4.
10 October, 2014
We're back with another comparison. This time we're looking at the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the LG G3.
3 October, 2014
The S Pen has been redesigned for the Galaxy Note 4. Here is a thorough guide on how to best use the S Pen for the Galaxy Note 4.
26 September, 2014
Samsung's brand new Galaxy Note 4 brings a wealth of improvements. Here are some of our favourite tweaks and improvements over last year's Galaxy Note 3.
24 September, 2014
BlackBerry's new Passport is an intriguing looking device. Can it back up its looks with top-class features? Let's compare the BlackBerry Passport to the Galaxy Note 4.
4 September, 2014
Samsung announced a unique version of the Galaxy Note 4 in the shape of the Galaxy Note Edge. This novel handset has a curved screen on one side.
4 September, 2014
Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge looks like an interesting device with plenty of power to boot. Here's how it compares to Samsung's flagship Galaxy Note 4.
3 September, 2014
Samsung's latest phablet, the Galaxy Note 4, has an air of expectation about it. We spent some time with the Galaxy Note 4, which has become one of our favourite phones.

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