Ultra power saving mode comparison

Who's got the stamina to break free from the charger?
Ultra power saving mode comparison

It’s a problem we’ve all had. It’s Friday night, you’ve just finished work and you’re meeting friends in town. But you don’t know where you’re meant to be meeting them and your phone’s nearly dead. How are you meant to find them?

With the Samsung Galaxy S6, Sony Xperia Z3+ or HTC One M9, you wouldn’t have to worry. They all come with advanced power saving modes that would give you enough battery to find your friends and get the night off to a great start.

How does Ultra Power Saving Mode work on the Samsung Galaxy S6?

To use Ultra Power Saving Mode on the Samsung Galaxy S6, switch it on in the battery section of the settings menu. It takes a moment to change all the settings but you’ll soon see a new black and white homescreen that has your calls, messaging and web browser apps. There are also a few plus symbols that you can tap to add other apps you need.

The great thing about Ultra Power Saving Mode is that everything is turned black and white so all of your apps, from emails to Google Maps, work a lot more efficiently. In fact, the screen on your S6 uses no power at all to show black, unlike normal screens.

As well as the new colour scheme, Ultra Power Saving Mode limits how often apps can go online, stops the phone vibrating and dims the screen. All that means a full battery can last two weeks, while 10% battery could last two days.

How does Ultra Stamina Mode work on the Sony Xperia Z3+?

If you’ve got a new Sony Xperia Z3+, you can use Ultra Stamina Mode to really extend battery life. Like Samsung’s Ultra Power Saving Mode, Ultra Stamina Mode limits what you can do with your phone to a few key features. You get calls, texts, the camera and a few other bits.

The colour scheme of the background changes to black and white, but your app icons remain in full colour because the Sony’s screen doesn’t use more power to show colour than it does to show black.

After turning on Ultra Stamina Mode in the power management section of the settings, you’ll get up to a couple of weeks from a full battery, or enough for a night out from less than 5% charge.

How does Extreme Power Saving Mode work on the HTC One M9?

Extreme Power Saving Mode on the HTC One M9 can be turned on by swiping down from the top of the screen with two fingers and hitting its icon. The first thing you’ll notice is that your homepage instantly changes to a menu of five apps. Calls, texts, email, calendar and the calculator are all you can use in this mode. Cutting things down to just the essentials really helps the battery life.

You’ll also notice that the screen becomes dimmer to save even more power, but there’s a lot more going on that you might not notice. The phone stops vibrating when you type, background data is restricted and the processor is turned to its slowest setting. All that means you have a smartphone that works a lot more efficiently, giving 10 days’ use from a full charge.

Which power saving mode is best?

Our favourite was the Samsung Galaxy S6. It managed to make 10% charge last an incredible 48 hours. Plus you can add the apps that you actually want and need, meaning it’s incredibly flexible. The usability and power savings it offers makes it the best power saving mode we’ve seen yet.

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