Sony Xperia Z3 video review

The Sony Xperia Z3 is the world's most waterproof smartphone. Can it back up this feature with a great overall performance? Our review will reveal all.
Sony Xperia Z3 video review


The new Sony Xperia Z3 brings a host of small improvements that add up to an awesome new phone. And it’s more waterproof than ever so you can use it come rain or shine.


  • Has the highest rating for dust and water protection
  • Incredible battery life thanks to STAMINA Mode
  • Sharp and colourful 5.1 inch Full HD screen
  • World class 20.7MP camera for beautiful photos
  • Get PlayStation 4 games on the phone anywhere

The Sony Xperia Z3 is ideal for entertainment like games, movies and music. And with its high end camera, it’s perfect for capturing memories too.


At first glance the Z3 mightn’t look any different to the Xperia Z2, but on closer inspection you’ll notice it’s new metallic edges, slimmer build and curved dust covers. The rim doesn’t wrap as much round the back of the handset either, creating the illusion of more space. This improved design is also even more waterproof than the old one (it’s officially rater as IP65 & IP68 dust and waterproof), something we tested with our underwater unboxing video below. Now it’ll survive being submerged in five feet of water for up to an hour.


Sony now lets you connect your Xperia Z3 to your PlayStation 4 over Wi-Fi so you can play full console games on your mobile from anywhere. Yes, you read that right. So, if you’re waiting for a flight at the airport, just jump onto a Wi-Fi network and kill time playing FIFA 15 from your console at home. It’s all thanks to a new technology called Remote Play, which truly is the next chapter in mobile entertainment.


Like the last two Xperia Z smartphones, the Z3 also has a 20.7MP camera. But, that’s where the similarities end. Sony has since tweaked some of the software that runs the camera, and they’ve installed a new lens allowing brighter, clearer photos. The new lens lets in more light, which is perfect for night time photography or if you’re out on the tiles.

The software brings with it some new and improved features that we really like. AR Fun, for example, lets you add CGI animations to your photos and videos. And, you can even broadcast videos live to YouTube and Facebook for the world to tune into.


We’ve been really impressed by the battery life of the Xperia Z3. The phone’s battery is massive and the software is really efficient so you should get close to two full days’ use from a single charge. The more eagle-eyed of you out there may have noticed that the Z3 actually has a smaller battery than its predecessor. Well, you’re not wrong.

Thanks to a reduction in the size of the gizmos deep inside the handset, they draw less power, ultimately leaving you with more charge to see you through the day.


While we really like the curved design of the Xperia Z3, we were a little disappointed that it looks so similar to the other Xperia Z phones. We would have liked something to make it stand out from the crowd as the latest and greatest smartphone from Sony.

We also found Sony’s user interface to be a little fiddly. We’re being quite picky here, but it felt like everything takes an extra tap compared to other Android smartphones. For example, most phones have a button to take you to the settings when you pull down the notification centre. But on the Z3 you have to tap on the Quick Settings menu first.


We really like the Sony Xperia Z3. Its cracking camera, waterproof body and PlayStation compatibility make it one of the best phones of 2014. And unless you’re being extremely fussy, you won’t find anything wrong with Z3.

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