Samsung Galaxy Z Flip hands on

A smartphone that flips and folds? Find out everything you need to know about Samsung’s revolutionary new handset.
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip hands on

Smartphones are getting bigger. That’s great for keeping entertained on the way to work or college, but the novelty of having a big phone wears off when it takes up all your pocket or handbag space. The concept of a folding smartphone has been around for a while, but we haven’t seen a handset that perfectly nails the idea…until now. Meet the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

Galaxy Z Flip looks and design

The most striking thing about the Galaxy Z Flip at first glance is the ambitiousness of its design. This is not a flip phone with smart features – it’s a state-of-the-art smartphone that can also fold. You can’t see the hinge sitting under the screen when you use it in its regular viewing mode. So, you get a gorgeous, uninterrupted display.

The screen itself is a work of art, too. You’d be forgiven for thinking that in order to flip, it has to have a plastic screen. In fact, it’s a 6.7-inch premium Ultra Thin Glass panel with a Dynamic AMOLED Full HD+ resolution. That means everything from games to action movies looks amazing, and you aren’t sacrificing screen quality for convenience.

The back of the phone is just as eye-catching as the front with a choice of two colours, Mirror Black and Mirror Purple. The Mirror Black adds a premium, bold look to the handset, while the two-tone purple finish shimmers in light like a rainbow effect.

What’s the Galaxy Z Flip’s camera like?

On the back, you’ll find a dual camera setup that’s capable of capturing just about any scene. There’s a 12MP wide-angle with Optical Image Stabilisation and 12MP Ultra Wide lens for sweeping panoramic shots. Whether you’re a selfie queen or a travelling shutterbug, your photos will appear rich and detailed.

Taking photos on the Z Flip

With a combination of two high-tech lenses and clever AI, you’re onto a winner no matter what you shoot. Scene Optimiser supports 30 different modes including Beaches, Waterfall, Vehicles and Trees, automatically adjusting settings to capture standout photos on the first try.

For that Christmas card-worthy family photo, the cameras can detect if someone in the frame is blinking and will notify you after the shot’s taken. So, you can get that perfect photo faster.

If night-time photography is your passion, the Galaxy Z Flip is made for you. Hyperlapse mode knits long exposure shots together to create short videos that capture the skyline, complete with dazzling light trails. It’s a great way to instantly capture the hustle and bustle of the city in low light, with as much detail as daytime shots.

Shooting video

Don’t forget about video recording. The dual cameras offer crystal clear 4K footage at an impressive 60 fps, so you’re videos look just as flawless on big screens and social media. Thanks to Tracking Auto Focus, you’re able to capture moving subjects, like skateboarders or birds in flight, and they won’t disappear in a blur.

What we love most is that the hinge actually helps you take steady photos and footage. By folding the phone at an angle, the handset acts like a tripod to maximise detail. Video calling is a dream, too. Simply fold the phone into an L shape and get in touch with a mate. The screen splits into two, with all the buttons on the lower half and live footage on the top. It’s clever, convenient and makes video calling as efficient as a regular call or text message.

What else is new on the Galaxy Z Flip?

So, you’ve heard about the flip design, the cracking camera setup, stunning screen and bold colours. But what else is there to love about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip?

External notifications

No need to flip your phone upon when you hear that WhatsApp message come through. As well as a huge screen, there’s also a 1.1-inch Super AMOLED screen that sits next to the dual cameras. With this, you can see all your notifications at a glance. If you tap on the notification, it’ll open the app as soon as you unfold the handset.

And if you double-tap the shutter button, the rear cameras become a selfie camera and you can line up your shot with the small display.

Multitasking heaven

It doesn’t matter how fast your phone is, flicking from one app to the other can be annoying when you want to run both side by side. Well, with the Galaxy Z Flip, you can do just that. With Multi Active Window, you can split the screen and work with two apps simultaneously, which is great for copying and pasting.

All the storage you’ll need

Save all your files without ever running low on space. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip comes with 256GB of storage space, which is more than enough for films, movies, music and photos. Plus, with 8GB RAM, you can livestream your mate’s Instagram story with multiple apps open, and still get the same super-fast performance.

When does the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip go on sale?

You can order the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Mirror Black or Galaxy Z Flip Mirror Purple from Carphone Warehouse right now.

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