Motorola Moto 360 review

Motorola's Moto 360 is a head turner. We got our hands on what is arguably the best looking smartwatch on the market. Here's what we thought.
Motorola Moto 360 review

The best looking smartwatch of 2014

The Motorola Moto 360 was designed to look stylish and cool. And it definitely achieves that. It’ll show all the notifications from your smartphone, and there’s a heart rate monitor on the back for tracking your workouts.

The best bits

  • Stunning design combined with metal materials make it feel like a premium watch
  • Heart rate monitor and pedometer make it good for sports
  • Water resistant makes it very practical
  • Cool dock that charges the watch wirelessly
  • Leather and metal strap options

With its impressive design, this is definitely the smartwatch for people that like their accessories to look premium. The most stylish way to check your phone’s notifications.

All the looks of a premium timepiece

The metal body, high quality round screen and genuine leather strap all make the Moto 360 stand out from its competitors. It really does fell like you’re putting on a fashionable watch from a proper jewellers. The strap is leather, and soon they’ll be the option of a metal strap, which add to the great look.

Great for exercise

You don’t have to get a dedicated sports watch if you have the Moto 360. It has a pedometer, which works really well for counting your daily steps. There’s a heart rate monitor too, which tells you how hard you’re working, letting you know if your workouts are too hard or too easy. And it’s water resistant, so a bit of rain won’t damage it.

Wireless charging cradle

You don’t need to plug in cables to get the 360 to charge. The stylish dock that comes with it charges it wirelessly. Just drop the watch into the dock and it’ll be fully charged in under two hours. It doubles as a nightstand too, which is a nice touch.

Practical for notifications

We really did find the Moto 360 was great for making sure we didn’t miss any updates on our phones. No matter if it’s a calendar reminder or a Facebook update, the vibration of the watch was really obvious, and the screen lights right up when you turn the watch to your face.

The downsides

The Moto 360 isn’t massive and heavy by any means, but it is a little bulky, especially if you have smaller wrists. There’s also the fact that the bottom of the screen is cut off, so it’s not quite a full circle because this is where sensors are stored. You’ll get used to it though. The battery life will get you through a day, but is unlikely to last more. That’s not necessarily a problem, but don’t forget the charging dock, or you won’t be able to charge it.

Our verdict

Stylish and fashionable, the Moto 360 is possibly the best looking smartwatch out right now. It’s not just a fashion accessory though, and really is practical for checking notifications and using as a sports watch. If you don’t mind charging it daily and don’t feel it’s too big, it’s definitely the best watch for the stylish people out there.

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