Living with the LG G4c

In this article, we asked one of our trusted reviewers to try out the LG G4c for a week. Here’s what they had to say.
Living with the LG G4c

My regular phone’s an LG G Flex 2, so I’m swapping one LG for another. And when I pick up my new LG G4c, it feels reassuringly familiar. It’s got a slight curve to it (very LG) and I like the look of the dimpled, metallic grey plastic back – similar to the non-leather version of the premium LG G4.

Being an LG phone, the volume and power buttons are located on the back, which is what I’m used to on my G Flex 2. Is the fact that I’m not going to have to relearn how to use side buttons a plus point? Yes. I’m pretty easy to please.

I’m not a fan of super-thin lightweight phones, so this robust LG G4c is going to suit me fine. It feels comfortable to hold, with a nice weight to it. Plus, because of its relatively small size, it fits in my pocket more easily than my larger G Flex 2.

Getting around

I’m used to LG’s crisp, clean interface and it’s nice to see it here on the G4c. And because the phone’s running Android Lollipop 5.0, Google’s latest operating system, everything seems quick and responsive. Swiping between menus and apps seems to happen instantaneously, with no lag.

Talking of responsiveness, LG has used some nifty technology to put touch sensors directly onto the LCD panel rather than on an extra touch-sensitive layer.

Does this make a difference? I think so. As well as being responsive, the G4c always felt really accurate to the touch. Despite typing on a smaller phone keyboard than I’m used to, I made no more mistakes than usual. Less, probably.

Lights, camera, action

The G4c has an 8 megapixel camera, and I was able to take some pretty decent pics with it. I took the same photos of the mess my kids made in the garden with both my G4c and G Flex 2 – unfair I know – and here are the results.

The G Flex 2 pictures had greater detail and more accurate colour representation, but I don’t think the G4c was too far behind. See what you think:

I also tested the G4c’s video in the same way, by comparing exactly the same footage that I shot on my G Flex 2 – again, unfair I know – but here’s the thing. The G4c’s video was much better…

The video I shot was a slow walk around my garden, on a late sunny afternoon. The G4c coped better with moving between shadows and into sunlight, with less glare. Now, I know the G Flex 2’s video is better quality than the G4c, and perhaps this was merely some kind of fluke… but on this occasion, the G4c certainly got the better of its premium stable-mate.

Home entertainment

It was time to settle down and see if the G4c had the quality to keep me entertained.

I fired up Spotify and put on some banging tunes (okay, it was Ed Sheeran). At full volume, the speakers pumped out Sheeran’s woeful tale of his doomed relationship with Ellie Goulding with crystal clear clarity. It wasn’t too loud, but it sounded spot on.

I then enjoyed an hour of arty, avant-garde film on Netflix (got me again, it was two episodes of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) and the picture quality and sound were fine.

We’re not talking premium smartphone screen quality here, but the G4c’s 5-inch HD display is certainly good enough for a spot of home entertainment.

I couldn’t resist a session of Plants vs Zombies to round the evening off. This game involves a lot of nimble and dexterous finger tapping, and the G4c’s accuracy and responsiveness that I mentioned earlier came into its own here. The zombies never knew what hit them.

In summary

My week with the G4c left me with the clear impression that this is a mid-range smartphone well worth the money.

It’s not just the price that makes the G4c such an attractive choice. I found myself getting used to its smaller size, and liked the fact that I could use it easily with one hand. Battery life was a big plus too – even with some fairly heavy use and an extended bout of gaming and video-watching, it lasted well over a day before I needed to think about charging it again.

I’ve got my G Flex 2 back now, and it’s great to be reacquainted with it. But I had a good week with the G4c - it was no budget lightweight, that’s for sure.

If you’re the proud owner of an LG G4c, what do you think of it? Share your comments below.

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