LG G6 hands on

LG’s stunning new flagship smartphone is here. Let's meet the LG G6...
LG G6 hands on

What we made of LG's 2017 flagship smartphone

The LG G6 is now available to buy. It’s the latest flagship from South Korea’s electrical giant, and we were lucky enough to get our hands on it recently. So let’s take a closer look at what we think makes the G6 so special...

Design and display

The screen on the G6 is the real headline grabber. The quality is fantastic, and even though the Quad HD + Fullvision display measures 5.7-inches, the phone itself isn’t too large. In fact, it’s smaller than its predecessor, the G5 - despite having a much larger display.

LG is marketing the G6 as being comfortable to hold and easy to use with one hand, and we found that to be true. It’s all part of the clever design that minimises the top and bottom bezels, giving you a phone front that's 80% screen.

The 18:9 display ratio is pretty special too. Most phones use the shorter 16:9 ratio, so with the G6, you get to see more. A lot of new movies and shows are shot in the same ratio, so the G6 is sure to be a popular choice for film buffs and anyone who enjoys binging on the latest TV series. A lot of Netflix Originals, for example, are already streaming in the same 18:9 display ratio. We gave Narcos a quick test-screening on the G6, and our favourite gritty drama has never looked better.


The G6 has a dual-lens 13MP camera. The wide-angle lens has the same 125-degree field of vision as the human eye, and it's been paired up with a standard lens with optical image stabilisation. It's capable of some stunning photography, and portrait and landscape pics both look equally sharp.

If you don’t want anyone to be left out of your group shots, there’s a great 5MP front-facing selfie camera with a wide-angle option - perfect for packing more friends into the frame.

There are lots of different modes and features to explore on the G6. We like the photo roll that shows your most recent snaps along the top of the display, letting you see if you’ve nailed that perfect shot, or if you need to take another.

There’s also an Instagram-friendly Square mode that gives you a selection of shooting options. 'Snap' is a good one - it splits the screen into a viewfinder at the top and your most recent photo at the bottom. It’s another handy way of making sure you’ve got the shot you want.

Power and performance

The G6's Snapdragon 821 processor is paired with a massive 4GB RAM, which gives you more than enough power to keep everything running smoothly. And it runs Google’s latest operating system, Android 7.0 Nougat - so you’ll be able to enjoy the latest software features including easier multi-tasking and a greater choice of emojis. In terms of storage, there’s 32GB on board. It’s a decent amount, but if you want to go for even more, you can slot in a memory card and expand it up to 256GB.

Google Assistant

At the moment, The LG G6 is one of only a few phones that comes with Google Assistant. This inbuilt virtual helper learns your habits to give you a more personalised experience, and it’s a real step forward from Google Now. On the G6, we asked it to “access the Carphone Warehouse YouTube channel” and it launched the YouTube app and found our favourite channel in an instant. It’ll also tell jokes and sing for you, if you’re in the mood.

Here are a few more things you can ask Google Assistant when you get your LG G6.

Battery and charging

The G6 doesn't have the removeable battery that its predecessors did, but that wasn't an issue for us - because the battery size has been increased to a hefty 3,300mAh. During our time we spent with the G6, we found that it could get to the end of a day of heavy usage with a fair bit of power left (usually around 15-20%). If you do run out of juice, the phone’s USB Type-C fast charging technology will quickly get you up and running again.

And finally, the G6 is fully dust and water-resistant, with an IP68 rating. That’s the highest mobile certification, and it's pretty much becoming the standard for flagship phones. It means that the phone can be immersed in water at depths of up to 1.5m for half an hour.

We were hugely impressed by the G6. It's the best smartphone that LG has ever made, and it's definitely one of the most sophisticated devices around. If you want to make it your next phone, you can order the LG G6 from Carphone Warehouse now. It’s available in three colours: white, black and silver.

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