App review: HQ Live Trivia Game Show

Get rich or have fun trying…
App review: HQ Live Trivia Game Show

Win cash prizes while you’re on the bus

Gone are the days when you had to appear on TV to be on a quiz show. Today you can just pick up your smartphone, fire up a game show app like HQ Trivia ( free on iOS and Android), and win real cash prizes without having to embarrass yourself in front of a TV audience.

What does it do?

HQ Trivia is a live, interactive game show that tests your pop culture and general knowledge. You can win prizes of up to $2500 (it’s American) by answering every question correctly.

You have just ten seconds to answer each question. Tapping on an incorrect answer from choices: A, B or C eliminates you from the game. Answer correctly and you get to move on to the next question.

If you’re smart enough, and if more than one person makes it to the end, the prize is split. If everyone gets eliminated, the cash prize rolls over to the next day. Win over $20, and you’ll be able to cash out directly to your PayPal account.

What did we like?

We all love winning things, especially when there’s real money involved. There’s no entry fee either. So, where does the money come from? Prizes are sponsored by app founder Intermedia Labs, Inc, so there’s no element of gambling on your part. Phew.

We love the game show style presentation. There’s even a real-life host on hand to narrate events.

Having just ten seconds to answer delivers an exciting sense of urgency – it’s also a short enough time to eliminate cheating.

The question toughness ramps up as you go on, but it’s not difficult enough to make you give up on the app altogether. Think Who Wants to be a Millionaire difficulty, rather than University Challenge. You’ll always feel like next time might be your lucky day.

It’s easy to enter a game. Once you do, just tap on whatever you think is the correct answer. That’s it. If you get eliminated, you can still watch the game. You never know if any of the same questions will come up again, and it’s a fun way to pass a few minutes, and to brush up on your general knowledge.

If you do win, you can cash out your prize using your PayPal account. Just enter your email address to zap the funds to your digital wallet.

What could be better?

HQ Trivia is still relatively new, so it’s still slightly buggy in places. The Android version we tried crashed on us a couple of times, while we were watching a game. We’re sure this will be less of a problem going forward as the developer updates the app.

The app has a nice feature where it sends you a notification before each live game begins. These are usually around 3pm or 8pm. However, the first time we tried to enter a game upon receiving the alert, we were told it was too late to join. Although this didn’t seem to be as much of a problem with our later attempts. We’d also like to see more than two live games take place in a single day, so you’re not left waiting ages for the next game.

Because the game is live, you’ll need to be somewhere with a good Wi-Fi connection to enjoy a smooth experience. Any lag, and you’re likely to miss a question, and be eliminated from the game as a result.

A live message board with scrolling comments appears below each quiz. You can see other players comments as you play, however these appear to be unmoderated, so you may see profanity or controversial comments mid-game. You have been warned.


HQ Trivia is a valiant attempt to deliver an exciting quiz show experience on your smartphone. It’s a well-thought-out idea, with real hosts, and a genuine sense of thrill while playing.

At the moment it’s a little rough around the edges, but with just a little more polish, it could be the app pub quiz fans have been dreaming of. For now, though, HQ Trivia is worth checking out if you’re a potential egghead-in-waiting.

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