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We really like the HP Slate 7 HD. It’s a convenient size, has Beats Audio for better sound quality and it comes with free mobile internet for two years.


The Slate 7 HD is designed for portability. So it’s small and light. But it’s not the best looking tablet out there. It’s not ugly, just plain.


Unlike a lot of budget tablets, the Slate 7 HD has a camera on the front and the back. So we were able to take decent photos of what’s around us and then easily switch to take selfies or make a video call. And both cameras are more than capable of taking nice shots that are perfect for sharing online.


Movies, games, music; it was hard to decide what to do on the Slate 7 HD because it’s all so good. The HD screen is a good size and sharp enough for movies and games. And, thanks to the Beats Audio software, sound quality for everything is great.


We thought the Slate 7 HD was perfect for working while on the move. The 7” screen makes it easy to type on and easy to hold. While its free 3G mobile internet meant we could keep up to date with emails without having to search for Wi-Fi hotspots.


We found the battery to be really good on the Slate 7 HD. It’ll last long enough to get you through a couple days on a single charge.

Unique features

HP Data Pass is a fantastic idea. It gives you 250MB of mobile internet every month for two years. And it’s included in the cost of the Slate 7 HD. That makes it incredibly good value and brilliantly useful. We never had to go looking for Wi-Fi while we were out.

Want to see more of the HP Slate 7 HD? Check out our video review below

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