Why you should choose 4G

With the new mobile data standard of 4G on the rise, we're taking a look at the benefits of faster mobile data speeds
Why you should choose 4G

3G and 4G let you access the internet on your phone using your mobile signal. Until recently, the fastest mobile internet was 3G, or Third Generation. But 4G, or Fourth Generation, is the next step and gives five times faster internet speeds. It’ll even give you a more reliable internet connection.



The average speed of a 4G connection is about five times faster than with a 3G one. That means anything you’re downloading will take only a fifth of the time to finish. In fact, even the average speed of a Wi-Fi home internet connection isn’t quite as fast 4G!


You know how a webpage pops up in about a second on your PC? 4G gives you the same result right on your smartphone. It also means that even websites with lots of photos and videos load almost instantly.


Before, if you wanted to download a new game, you’d have to wait ages for it to finish. With 4G though you’ll have it in about a fifth of the time. Ever tried to watch Top Gear over 3G? It takes a while to load and you have to settle for low quality. A 4G connection means you can enjoy better quality as well as smooth streaming and no loading.


There are two main things that affect the quality of video calls through apps like Skype, webcam resolution and internet speed. On 3G, images can be grainy with a bit of lag or voice echo. 4G gets rid of all of this, giving clear and slowdown-free video calls anywhere you fancy.


It’s all about multiplayer, the more, the merrier. Why shouldn’t you play Modern Combat 3 with 12 of your mates while you’re waiting for your flight to America? 4G gives the speed and, more importantly, the connectivity reliability to make it possible.


If you’re in a poor reception area, 4G will actually improve your mobile internet signal. Of course, it’s not just remote places that will feel the benefit. Those small dead spots will disappear and weak signals will be few and far between, helping you stay connected when you’re moving around.

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