What's new on iOS 11?

Some major updates for Apple’s latest version of its operating system…
What's new on iOS 11?

iOS 11 has landed. It’s the latest version of Apple’s operating system, and it’s got some major updates for your iPhone or iPad. Here are five of the best to look out for.

1. An improved Siri

Siri is Apple’s famous voice assistant, and it’s now better than ever. Its male and female voices are more expressive and natural sounding. And it has the ability to translate English into Chinese, French, German, Italian or Spanish, with more languages coming soon.

As well as giving you answers, Siri now offers you follow-up questions that you can tap on. And if you’ve recently searched for your favourite film or book on Safari, Siri will add it as a suggestion when you’re typing in Messages or other apps.

2. Redesigned App Store

One of the most noticeable iOS 11 updates is the completely redesigned App Store. This has been a long time coming – it’s the first update in nine years – and it now makes it much easier to discover things to download.

There are new ‘Apps’ and ‘Games’ tabs, and individual app pages now have more information. Best of all is the ‘Today’ tab, which gives you a selection of daily App Store highlights, and includes in-depth features, tutorials, interviews and how-to guides. Search has also been improved, to give you more relevant results.

3. Do more with Live Photos

iOS 11 comes with some fun new effects for your Live Photos . ‘Loop’, for example, creates an infinite video loop so it looks like the action never stops. And then there’s ‘Bounce’, which plays and then reverses your Live Photo, in a similar way to Instagram’s ‘Boomerang’ feature.

4. Indoor maps

There’s now a new Indoor Maps feature in Apple Maps, with detailed floor plans to help you find your way around certain buildings. This will initially cover a small numbers of cities and airports (including London, Heathrow and Gatwick), with more locations to follow.

5. Animojis

The final feature on our list is specific to the iPhone X. It goes by the name of Animoji, and it uses the iPhone X’s 3D face-scanning TrueDepth camera system to track your facial expressions. It then produces a live, animated 3D emoji character that you can fire off to your friends in iMessage.

How do I get iOS 11?

iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X will be running iOS 11 straight out of their boxes. If you’ve got an earlier device, here’s what you need to do.

First of all, back up your device, then check that your battery is topped up and you’re plugged into a power supply (these updates can hit your battery hard). It’s also best to be on Wi-Fi, so you don’t use up all your data.

Then go to ‘Settings’ on your device. Find the section called 'General' and head to 'Software Update'. iOS 11 should be here ready to download, and all you need to do is tap 'Download and Install'. You’ll then be giving the option of downloading immediately or later.

Over to you. Have you got iOS 11 yet? What are your favourite updates? Share your comments below.

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