What makes the Samsung Galaxy S7 water resistant?

Keeping the electronics dry wasn't easy for Samsung, but it's worth it...
What makes the Samsung Galaxy S7 water resistant?

One of the best things about the new Samsung Galaxy S7 is that it’s water resistant - it can be submerged in up to 1.5 metres of water for up to half an hour.

But how has Samsung managed to make this state-of-the-art block of electronics watertight?

GORE-TEX covering for microphones

The microphones are one of the toughest things to make water resistant as they need to be open to let sound in. To overcome that problem, Samsung looked to clothes.

If you’ve ever bought a pair of waterproof shoes, you’ll probably recognise the GORE-TEX branding. It’s a man-made material that lets air through, but not liquid. That’s why Samsung chose it to cover the Galaxy S7’s mics – it lets sound through and stops water.

An added bonus of using GORE-TEX is that the material is windproof, which cuts down annoying noise when you’re on the phone outside.

Platinum coating for open ports

One amazing thing about the Galaxy S7 is that it has no covers for its ports – the charging port and headphone jack are open to the elements.

Samsung Galaxy S7 water resistant

To make sure the phone is still water resistant, Samsung has made sure these ports don’t open into the phone, they just conduct electricity into it.

But that doesn’t stop the ports from rusting dangerously. So to ensure everything keeps working after the S7 has got wet, the connections are coated in platinum to avoid corrosion.

Short-circuit kill switch for charging port

Keeping corrosion at bay solves one problem, but what would happen if you plugged your Galaxy S7 in and its charging port was still damp? Well, Samsung thought of that and has added a short-circuit kill switch to the phone.

If you plug in a charger while the port’s wet, your Galaxy S7 will automatically stop any electricity going into the phone, protecting its vital parts.

Rubber seals

Water’s pretty unlikely to cause any damage through the ports themselves, but what if one of them moves slightly with constant use and a hairline crack opens up?

The headphone jack, charging port and SIM/micro SD tray all have rubber seals. That means they have the freedom to move slightly as you use them without ever creating tiny gaps that water could squeeze through.

Waterproof tape and glue

There are a lot of parts that all have to stick together to create the Galaxy S7, and each seam is a potential crack. That’s why Samsung created a waterproof tape and has used lots of waterproof glue to stick everything together. These create solid, seamless joins between the parts, stopping water getting in and creating a premium feel.

So there you have it, five important design features you’d probably never notice that make the Samsung Galaxy S7 water resistant. If you’ve got any questions or anything to add, join the conversation below.

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