What can we expect from the future?

Exploring a Brave New World...
What can we expect from the future?

Who needs a crystal ball?

Yesterday we celebrated Back To The Future Day, and it got us thinking. Where will we be in x-amount of years? What will technology let us do that we can’t now? And how will technology reshape our lives?

So, minus all the jargon and boring techy stuff, this is a whirlwind highlight tour of what the experts think our nearing future will realistically be like.


4K goes 3D

Within the next decade we’re expecting holographic TV to come into its own. With the advent of virtual and mixed reality headsets, like Microsoft HoloLens and Magic Leap shown in the video below, it won’t be long before we’ll crowd around a floating three-dimensional shape, as oppose to a screen in the corner.

Nest goes mainstream

At the beginning of the next decade, digital smart meters, like Nest, will be in most homes, giving users information on how much energy they’re using in real time and how to maximise efficiency.

Ultrafast 5G

Just like 3G, 4G will be replaced with an even faster wireless network, aptly named 5G within the next ten years. The new service is expected to offer download speeds in gigabytes p/sec, compared to today’s 4G, which tops out at 300MB p/sec.

3D-printed organs

By 2025, it’s thought that we’ll have perfected 3D printing, and could even be printing living tissue. This may sound a little farfetched for ten years, but scientists have already managed to print a human kidney.


Manned mission to Mars

Six decades after the Apollo landings, man is taking another giant leap, this time towards the red planet. It will take several months to get to Mars and is expected between 2033 – 35.

Fully immersive virtual reality

Towards the end of the 2030s, fully immersive VR should be available. In theory, it’ll put users inside a gaming environment without having to wear or hold anything.

A technology called nanobots (miniature computers the size of blood cells) can be implanted on the brain, feeding the senses with electronic signals. This will be one of the first steps towards artificially advanced humans.


The future of the smartphone

In the 2010s, scientists managed to engineer brain-computer interfaces capable of performing minor tasks with thought-power alone, like being able to move a cursor around a screen, or select from various options. The technology will slowly develop allowing the brain to slowly select letter to form sentences, but only with the help of bulky equipment.

By the 40s, it’s suggested that scientists will have a much greater understanding of the human brain and how it exchanges signals. With the help of discreet head-mounted devices, we’ll be able to communicate ‘telepathically’ with each other - simply thinking of the messages or emails we want to relay to friends. This could mean the end of the smartphone as we know it.

2050s and beyond

Check back with us in a couple of years…

What are your thoughts? Join the conversation here…

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