Weirdest tech at CES 2016

The crazier side of CES 2016...
Weirdest tech at CES 2016

Every year we look forward to the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) almost as much as Christmas. Not only do you get to see awesome gadgets like Huawei’s new smartwatches and future technology like LG’s rollable display, you also get to see some really weird stuff.

Slow Control Yum & Done

This smart spoon from Slow Control has a noble ambition – get kids to eat healthily. But the way it tries to do it is pretty weird.

Slow Control Yum and Done smart spoon CES 2016

Yum & Done is made up of three parts, the smart spoon, a cuddly phone/tablet cover and an app. The idea is that you pretend to feed the cuddly toy healthy food and it makes noises that encourage your little one to copy it.

Why has someone invented connected technology that does exactly what parents have been doing on their own for years?

Kettle Kup

Another crazy invention that tackles a problem we already have a solution for is the Pot Noodle-backed Kettle Kup. It’s a rechargeable, portable kettle – perfect for making hot drinks on the move.

Kettle Kup CES 2016

The problem? To use the Kettle Kup you’ll have to carry coffee/tea, water, milk, sugar and remember to keep your Kup charged. We recommend making your drink at home and keeping it in a thermos.


Have you ever thought to yourself “I wish I could have a projector roam freely around my home?” Of course you have, which is why Japanese gadget maker, Cerevo, has invented Tipron.

Tipron CES 2016

Tipron is part robot, part projector. You can tell it to go anywhere in your home and project stuff onto walls or the ceiling. It can even navigate to locations autonomously.


CleverPet is a games console for dogs, because what dog doesn’t want a PlayStation?

CleverPet CES 2016

The strange light-up pad and treat bowl is designed to keep your dog entertained while you’re away with challenging games. It even pairs with your smartphone so you can see how well your pup’s doing.

ASU Cast One

A few years ago Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Beam, a smartphone with a projector built in. It failed. The battery life of the projector was pitiful and picture quality was awful. Now a company called ASU has looked at the Beam and decided the way to improve it is to squeeze it all onto your wrist.

ASU Cast One CES 2016

The ASU Cast One is a smartwatch projector with a 700mAh battery. That’s only slightly bigger than standard smartwatches that last around a day. Turn this thing’s projector on and we doubt you’d get through the opening credits of your favourite movie.

LG Signature Fridge

What’s the hardest thing about cooking dinner for you? Coming up with a recipe? Prepping veg? The cooking itself? Of course not, it’s opening the fridge door.

LG Signature Fridge

Thankfully, LG is rescuing you from the tedium of opening doors with its Signature Fridge. When you get close to it, this smart kitchen appliance will automatically open. We’re sure that won’t be annoying at all.


There’s definitely a fine line between genius and insanity, and Sensorwake is walking that tightrope with its smell-based alarm clock.

SensorWake CES 2016

Instead of being jarred awake by an ear-splitting beeping, Sonsorwake can gentle rouse you with intense smells like fresh coffee, croissant, peppermint and even money.

It’s definitely a weird concept, but if it’s effective we think it’d be a much nicer way to start the day.

Flex Cam PIC

Flex Cam PIC is a cheap, flexible action camera. ‘Brilliant!’ we hear you cry, but wait, you haven’t seen it yet.

Flex Cam PIC CES 2016

Someone decided that the best way to sell a clever new bit of technology would be to make it look like a children’s toy, complete with ridiculous haircut.

Ninebot Segway

Tech giants Intel and Xiaomi have teamed up to find a creative use for your hoverboard when you’re not riding it.

By day, the Ninebot Segway is much like any other self-balancing scooter, letting you zip around with minimal effort, but when you get it home from work you can add a couple of arms and a friendly robot face to create an autonomous companion.

Ninebot Segway CES 2016

As cute as the thing is, we do have to ask ‘Why?’

EHang 184

This could be the future of personal transportation, or the cause-of-death for hundreds of the super-rich.

EHang 184 CES 2016

The EHang 184 has been grabbing headlines as the first autonomous drone that can carry a person. Basically, it’s a single-seat helicopter that can fly itself.

The biggest problem is that the EHang is illegal everywhere in the world.

Seen any other weird tech at CES 2016? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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