This week's Lowdown: Android Q rolls out

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This week's Lowdown: Android Q rolls out
Get the latest news in mobile, apps and connectivity on the Lowdown. This week, loads more handsets than ever are on the list Android’s new beta OS.

Record number of handsets to get the Android Q beta OS

Google drummed up a lot of excitement last year when it announced all the Android handsets that were eligible for the 9 Pie operating system. But this time, according to Android Police, it’s expected to roll the beta version out to an even wider range of smartphones in 2019 - making this year the biggest rollout in history.

android q

This move is part of a wider effort from Google to make it easier and faster for Android users to update their devices, an initiative named Project Treble. This aims to create a separate base code that each individual manufacturer can start with to create their own software on top.

Is your phone on the Android Q beta list? See the rumoured brands below:

  • Samsung
  • Huawei
  • Oppo
  • OnePlus
  • Nokia
  • Xioami
  • Sony

Take a look at our current range of Android handsets

Canairy – the app for labourers to track air pollution

Students at King’s College London have worked with the British Safety Council on a new app that displays how much pollution outdoor workers are exposed to throughout the day.

This is a handy tool for those who spend most of their time working outdoors, especially in urban areas where fumes can have a long-term effect on their health.

If the surrounding air quality ever breaches the World Health Organisation’s pollution guidelines, the user’s phone will notify them and offer suggestions on how they can limit their exposure to the nasty elements.

Huawei set to announce new smartwatches without Wear OS

Continuing its detour from most smartwatch brands, Huawei is working on its own watch operating system and has just announced two more wearables for its independent software.

Reportedly dubbed the GT ‘Active’ and ‘Elegant’, the new designs are said to have fresh colour schemes and a more premium look-and-feel, which could be an excuse for Huawei to up the price a bit in comparison to older models like the original Watch GT.

Keep tabs on the Lowdown to see if these rumours stick. We’re most certainly keeping an eye out.

In the meantime, browse our current range of Huawei smartwatches

Have your heart monitored with a smartphone

A study has revealed that a new smartphone-controlled heart monitor is far more effective (and cheaper) at diagnosing cardiovascular issues than a standard ECG monitor.

Joint research by the British Heart Foundation and Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland found that a smartphone ECG “increased the number of patients in whom an ECG was captured during symptoms over five-fold to more than 55%”, which opens up a whole realm of possibilities with this innovative, low-expense technology.

mobile phone heart rate monitor

The device is to be carried by paramedics in A&E departments, who will measure the patient’s heartbeat at the scene and send the data off for a doctor to interpret.

Smartphones saving lives. Whatever will they do next?

Seen anything exciting in the mobilesphere over the past week? Let us know in the comments!

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