This week's Lowdown: Android Q borrows from iOS

See its own version of iPhone’s ‘3D Touch’…
This week's Lowdown: Android Q borrows from iOS

Android Q to feature iOS’ famous ‘3D Touch’ tech

Android users will soon benefit from their own version of iPhone’s innovative ‘deep press’ feature , which Apple smartphones have sported since 2015. It’ll be a tweak of Android 8 Oreo’s ‘long press’ gesture, which (as the name suggests) brings up various app shortcuts from the home screen if you hold your finger on it for long enough.

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However, since it requires at least SOME form of hardware to properly determine how hard a user is actually pressing down on the screen, it’s reported that Google will either rely on algorithms based on how we interact with our devices, or just introduce extra hardware with new handsets in order to make it possible.

Regardless of how Google plans to integrate the new feature, it’ll mean reaching your app shortcuts will be a lot more seamless, since you’ll no longer have to wait for the menu to pop up.

We may not get confirmation on this until Google’s I/O event next month, where we usually get the details on all the exciting new features Android’s latest operating system has to offer.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 5G launches…but only in South Korea

As you may well know by now, 2019 is the year of 5G. Excitingly, that also means we’ll soon have access to the first ever 5G-enabled smartphones, some of which we saw announced at MWC earlier this year. Samsung largely left out its 5G version of the Galaxy S10 at its Unpacked Event in February, but it’s certainly coming – we just need the infrastructure first!

South Korea has made a bit of a head start, though. It recently became one of the first countries to introduce a 5G network grid for consumers, which is effectively step one in allowing 5G phones to work in your country.

So that’s why the S10 5G is only available in select areas for now. You’ll be able to get it in the UK once the revolutionary ultrafast network is given the green light over here. Patience, young Padawan.

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Get Snapchat Bitmoji on your Fitbit smartwatch

For those looking for an interesting twist on ‘self-motivation’, your Bitmoji avatar could now live inside your Fitbit wearable to accompany your active lifestyle.

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Throughout the day, your digital companion will be animated in accordance to the goals you set on it or the activity you’re doing at the time. So they’ll be taking a kip when you’re in bed and breaking a sweat with you when you’re out for a run.

You’ll need to get a specific watch face for it, but once downloaded it’s super easy to connect it to your Snap account. They’re capable of over 50 different animations – want to try and find them all? Better get exercising!

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John Legend takes the mic on Google Assistant

After nearly a year of intense waiting, on Wednesday 10 April we’ll finally be able to hear John Legend’s smooth and sultry voice on our Google Assistant-powered devices.

Now, he’s a busy man, so you won’t hear his response to every question you have for the smart voice assistant, but if you ask certain questions like “Hey Google, what’s the weather?” or “What are jazz hands?”, John can certainly help you out.

And thanks to Google’s state-of-the-art voice synthesising software WaveNet , we’re likely to hear more celebrity cameos soon. Post in the comments who you’d like to hear!

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