Sony Xperia Z5 vs Xperia Z3+

How does the brand new Sony Xperia Z5, compare to the Xperia Z3+?
Sony Xperia Z5 vs Xperia Z3+

How much can be improved in a few months?

The Sony Xperia Z3+ was released just a few months ago, and Sony has already got its replacement ready to go. So, just how much can the Japanese company have improved in such a short time? Let’s find out…

Design & display

To look at the two handsets side by side, there hasn’t been an overhaul, by any stretch of the imagination, in terms of design. The corners have been squared off giving the Z5 a smart rectangular look, and there’s now a sandblasted Xperia logo down the side of the phone, which is a nice touch.

The ice white colour you can see in our video features a kind of frosted glass look, which takes the Xperia range in a slightly different design direction when compared to the reflective glass of the Z3+.

You’ll also notice that the power button seems to have grown a bit, and that’s not just an aesthetic thing. Sony has finally got on board with biometric security, and underneath that power button is a handy fingerprint sensor.

You can save up to five different finger or thumbprints, and as with the likes of Samsung, you simply have to rest your finger on the sensor to activate it.

The display size and quality is unchanged on the new handset, remaining at 5.2-inches and Full HD respectively. This is a great spec, but we were kind of hoping for Quad HD as the Xperia family has been sporting this resolution for a while now.


The Xperia range has always been on top of its game when it comes to camera quality. And, that 20.7MP spec has had competitors on their toes for a few years now.

The likes of Samsung, Motorola and LG have now all got their own impressive specs going on however, so it was about time Sony pressed down on that gas peddle a little harder. The result is a 23MP camera, which once again outclasses its competitors in megapixel counts.

The Z5 can also auto-focus in under 0.1-seconds, so if you’re looking to get that perfect shot in a hurry, you don’t have to wait around for the lens to figure out what it's supposed to be looking at.


When it comes to battery capacity, it’s hardly surprising that there hasn’t been any improvement. Although it would have been a valuable update, the Z5 is no larger than its predecessor. The screen is no more powerful, and that fingerprint sensor isn’t going to be a draw on power.

The Z5 weighs in with a 2,900mAh battery and has quick-charging technology built in. Unfortunately it’s a similar story when it comes to the processor – no improvement. The powerful octa-core processor still does a good job of keeping everything going however, allowing you to multitask and not have to choose between your favourite apps.

Finally, the Z5 continues the trend of being waterproof, certified as IP68. This means that the handset will be safe in one and half meters of fresh water for up to 30 minutes.

If you’ve got any questions about the Sony Xperia Z5, drop us a comment below, and to get your hands on your very own, check out our deals here.

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