Samsung unveils the Galaxy S20 FE Edition

The best of the S20 experience at a lower price tag. Here’s what you need to know about the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition.
Samsung unveils the Galaxy S20 FE Edition

The latest addition to Samsung’s Galaxy S20 range is here. The S20 FE (or ‘Fan Edition’), is designed to deliver that original S20 magic at a more affordable price. So, what’s new?

Bigger screen, different resolution

So the first thing you’ll notice is that the screen is very different to the original S20. In fact, it’s closer in size to the S20+. It’s still got that superb 120 Hz refresh rate for competitive gaming and smooth looking motion graphics, but at Full HD+, the resolution is slightly lower than the Quad HD of the S20. Not a problem, though – the colours still look gorgeous, while the extra screen space is always a plus for getting into a movie or platform game on the go.

Power for days

Under the hood, the Galaxy S20 FE has the same engine as the S20. The 5G version is powered by the super-fast Snapdragon 865 processor with eight cores to run all your content. If you go for the even cheaper S20 FE without 5G connectivity, you’ll get Samsung’s own Exynos 990 processor. It’s also got eight cores and great 4G connectivity, but of course, you won’t get those lightning fast 5G speeds.

As for RAM, the FE comes with 6 GB, making it a little more restrained than the S20’s 8 GB. However, 6 GB is enough to rival many laptops, so running loads of apps at once, or flicking between browser tabs shouldn’t ever be an issue.

Whichever version of the FE you go for, you’ll get a bigger battery than the original Galaxy S20. And it’s intelligent enough to channel power to the apps that most need it, so it’ll keep going all day. Always useful.

Zoom. And zoom. And zoom.

The camera setup here borrows a lot from the Samsung S20, with a few minor differences to keep the price low. It keeps the same brilliant 12 MP wide and Ultra-Wide angle lenses, making it a real winner for big family photos and scenic shots. While the 8 MP telephoto lens doesn’t reach the megapixel count of the S20’s main lens, it still keeps that fantastic 30x Space Zoom to capture bundles of detail at a distance.

It performs just as well in low-light situations and evening scenes, with a cracking night mode that uses AI to let in as much light as possible. Perfect for that spontaneous city skyline shot.

If you’re more about recording content than taking photos, the S20 FE will do it in 4K Ultra HD detail at a steady 24 fps. That’s pretty sharp, but you can also choose to record in Full HD at 60 fps for smoother motion. That’s ideal for capturing the scene without using up too much storage space.

To sum up…

If you’re after that big flagship Android phone experience without the big price to match, look no further than the S20 FE. While you don’t get every single thing that makes the original Samsung S20 such a knockout handset, like the glass back and Quad HD resolution, the Fan Edition takes the best elements and even throws in a few extras, like a bigger battery and larger screen. So, what you don’t have, you don’t miss. Whether you look at it as a standalone or a part of the S20 range, it’s an all-round fantastic device.

Take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition and the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition 5G.

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