OPPO kicks off Mobile World Congress 2019

Zoom in on OPPO at MWC 2019. Did someone say 5G?
OPPO kicks off Mobile World Congress 2019

Gathering eager tech-heads to the luxurious Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos Hotel in Barcelona, OPPO made an early start ahead of MWC to announce its plans for 5G over the next year and tease some amazing new camera tech for their future smartphones.

10x “lossless” camera zooming with OPPO

OPPO launch event MWC 2019

OPPO has announced the world first 10x lossless camera zoom on a smartphone, a superb new feature coming to their new range this Summer. This revolutionary new tech gives your amazing pics the depth they deserve, and lets you capture the smaller stuff in the finest detail, even when you're really far away.

It’s quite astounding how much a simple phone camera can stretch to pick out the unnoticeable, but OPPO have managed it with the zoom on this new telephoto lens. It's supported by an optical image stabiliser to reduce any blur when you’re zooming in on something tiny too.

And that's only a third of the new camera setup - it's part of a triple-lens camera system that will dot the back of the device, which also includes a 48 MP main snapper and 120 degree ultrawide lens, so you can use the handset for any type of shot you please.

OPPO 10x lossless camera zoom

We got up close and personal with the zoom on OPPO’s top-secret prototype model, with the freedom to zoom over a cute-looking model of a mini city, to bring this amazing feature even further to life.

OPPO made headlines back in 2017 with their revolutionary 5x lossless zoom, so to see them bounce back this quickly with double the enhancing power is truly spectacular.

OPPO’s dive into 5G


Speaking to hundreds of tech journos in the Juan Carlos' main hall, Director of Standards Research Henry Tang set the roadmap ahead for how OPPO will integrate 5G into their future handsets: “Our 2019 R&D budget investment is budgeted at $1.5bn focusing in 5G, AI, imaging new material and product form design, as well as flash charging.”

Now a lot of that tech might seem a bit overwhelming, but this basically means that as well as much faster connection speeds, it’ll be able to support a huge amount of future tech a lot easier. This includes the three key stages Tang established for rolling 5G out to OPPO’s handsets:

1. 5G Cloud Gaming

Offering a completely new take on mobile gaming, 5G will allow for bigger games, larger competitive parties and seamless VR and AR support. So expect your handsets to support the growing market of futuristic smart gaming in the next few years.

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2. Intelligent Connectivity

This is the meat and potatoes of 5G - the immense capability it brings for connection and download speeds across the whole mobile & internet market. Movies will download in seconds, GPS will track ever-closer movements and “buffering” streams will be a thing of the past. And that'll soon all be possible on our phones.

3. Breeno, the smart voice assistant

OPPO’s answer to smart assistants is our clever friend Breeno, who will be commercially available on all of its devices from this year. Use it to perform a variety of your daily tasks and do your Google searches when your hands are full.

And thanks to a healthy collaboration with processing giant Qualcomm, OPPO’s new smartphones will feature the super speedy Snapdragon 855 processor, allowing 5G to work on the phone with absolute ease and (hopefully) no teething problems.

Check out this cool video OPPO showed us to illustrate the power of 5G…

Excited for the rest of what MWC 2019 brings for 5G and new tech? Let us know what you’re looking out for in the comments below.

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