MWC 2019: Xiaomi show off 5G & its new Mi 9 range

Behold Xiaomi’s most incredible camera…
MWC 2019: Xiaomi show off 5G & its new Mi 9 range

Making their mark on this year’s Mobile World Congress in the expansive main hall of Barcelona’s Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, Xiaomi finally unveiled its long-anticipated Mi 9 handset, following the hugely successful Mi 8 from last year.

First, let’s take a look at Xiaomi’s foray into 5G…

Xiaomi Mi MIX3 5G – one of the world’s first commercially available 5G smartphones

The MIX3 5G is one of the first smartphones to support the much-anticipated 5G network, which will be taking the mobile world by storm this year.

Xiaomi Qalcomm 5G MWC conference

With speeds of up to 2GBps, 5G is considered to be more than 1000x faster than 4G, so downloads will finish in the blink of an eye and video buffering will be a thing of the past. This capability, along with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 855 processor, makes the phone run astoundingly smooth and fast.

Qualcomm President, Christiano Amon told us “4K video (streaming) will be as easy as streaming music”, and “Gaming will be mainstream in mobile devices”.

Xiaomi even gave us a 5G video call demonstration. The first time the company has made a 5G call outside China. Connection was seamless, quality was excellent and there was zero buffering.

The three major benefits of 5G being:

  • Faster speeds – from megabytes per second to gigabytes per second.
  • Low latency – the ability to process huge volumes of data with minimal delay.
  • Increased connectivity – with phones able to process more data, faster, we’ll be able to connect more of our devices together.

Wang Xiang, the company’s Head of International Business said: “Xiaomi will be at the forefront of the next wave of 5G innovation”.

Xiaomi Mi 9 – a worthy successor to the hugely successful Mi 8

This new model has some truly incredible new features that are bound to get you excited. Here’s why you should care…

Extraordinary triple lens camera setup

The Xiaomi Mi 9 features one of the most detailed cameras on any smartphone available. It boasts a triple-lens rear setup with a 48MP camera, 16MP for wide-angled shots and 12MP telephoto lens, so you’ll be sorted for any occasion.

Xiaomi Mi 9 design

The selfie camera hidden in its teeny waterdrop notch is a staggering 20 MP too, so your Instagram feed is sure to be nothing short of stunning.

Its 6.39” AMOLED screen has crisp Full-HD+ resolution that covers an impressive 90.7% of the front side, so you won’t miss out on any detail when giving a slideshow of your amazing pics on the phone.

Xiaomi Mi 9 MWC launch

Super speedy wireless charging on the Mi 9

You’ll get 100% charge in just 90 minutes with the hugely powerful 20W wireless charging, making it the fastest wireless juice-up on the market.

Xiaomi’s ‘Charge Turbo charging pad’ can sit in your house or your car, and offers more than double the boosting power of most other handsets when paired with the Mi 9. Other charging pads will still impress, but to get the fastest results you’ll need to use both.

A fingerprint scanner built into the screen

This is certainly something we’ll be seeing more of from other manufacturers, but the Xiaomi Mi 9 will be one of the first smartphones to feature this new tech. Instead of finding a scanner on the back, or built into the home button, just touch anywhere on the screen to unlock your phone. According to Xiaomi, touching the screen unlocks the phone “faster than you can blink”.

With the announcement of all this incredible new tech, we can’t wait to get hands-on with the Xiaomi Mi 9 when it launches in May.

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