MWC 2019: Sony announces new Xperia 1

The Sony Xperia 1 is a sight for the cinematic…
MWC 2019: Sony announces new Xperia 1

Here we are at MWC 2019 in Barcelona, where the big announcements just keep coming. This time around, it’s all about Sony, who have just announced a couple of spectacular new smartphones.

Sony Mobile President, Mitsuya Kishida, took to the stage to hail two new handsets which “bring experiences beyond imagination for the dedicated and passionate.”

Certainly, they impressed us – we reckon you’ll be itching to get your hands on these, too.

Xperia 1

First up, we got a glimpse of the Sony Xperia 1, a phone with a really premium look and specs. Being Sony, you get great audio and visuals. Amongst our highlights – a 21:9 display – just like at the cinema – and Dolby Atmos integration. The screen itself is a stunning 4K HDR 6.5-inch affair. The camera packs three lenses and also gives 4K HDR 24fps video shooting to really capture all those dramatic moments.

Those are the highlights – now let’s get into the detail:

Design and display

The Xperia 1 display has the same ultra-wide 21:9 format as most blockbuster movies, so you can enjoy them just as you would at the cinema, without black bars top and bottom.

The brilliant 6.5-inch screen – packed with the sort of Bravia technologies that you’d get on Sony’s TVs – also gives you incredible colours and “unbeatable contrast.” It’s these touches that let you watch your favourite content in CineAlta ‘Creator mode’ – just as the creator intended

With that wide display, you see more content and do a lot less scrolling. The long display is also ideal for running two apps at the same time with a split screen – it’s just made for multi-tasking.

Sony’s audio expertise is a big part of this phone. The Smart Amplifier delivers a loud, rich sound with extra bass through the speaker, so it’s a great phone for sharing music with your friends.

Finally, the phone is covered by super-tough Corning® Gorilla® Glass 6 in a borderless, curved and seamless design that fits in your hand perfectly.


The Xperia 1 has a great triple camera, with a 12MP wide-angle lens – together with super-wide 12MP lens and a 12MP telephoto lens.

Sony’s cutting-edge camera technology is on board here, including the world’s first eye auto focus tracking tech on a smartphone. What this means is that it uses AI-based recognition to detect eyes, which improves the accuracy, speed and performance.

Sony also talked about the Xperia 1’s “better than ever low-light photography,” so there never has to be a barrier to getting a great shot, whatever the time of day.

On the front, there’s a great 8MP selfie-camera.

And with 4K HDR 24 frames-per-second video shooting, powered by CineAlta, you’ll be able to create slow-mo videos that look the business.

Amazing gaming

Fortnite fans – prepare to be excited. In collaboration with Epic Games, Fortnite will be available to play in 21:9 screen ratio. Epic truly is the word. And that’s just the start, with other games to get the widescreen treatment – Apex Legends among them.

Under the hood

With a high 3,330mAh capacity, the Xperia 1’s battery gives you power you can rely on.

The Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 855 processor is packed with the power you need to get more done, from browsing and gaming to fast multi-tasking. It can handle all your apps, movies, games and more with ease.

Meanwhile, the Smart Cleaner feature analyses your app usage and automatically optimises storage and memory.

You can also boost your phone’s storage by up to 512GB with a MicroSD card.

So, there you have it. WHAT a phone the Xperia 1 is. With the latest advanced technology from Sony displays, and featuring a stunning 21:9 CinemaWide™ 4K HDR OLED display and a pro-quality triple lens camera system – we can’t wait to finally get our hands on it. It should be available by April, but we’ll keep you posted.

Xperia 10 and Xperia 10 Plus

It wasn’t just the Xperia 1 that Sony revealed to the world – the Xperia 10 and 10 Plus were also unveiled.

Design and display

The gorgeous Xperia 10 has a sleek metallic finish, and is covered by tough Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5.

As with the Xperia 1, the Xperia 10 sports an ultra-wide 21:9 format for that cinema feel. Not only will your favourite movies look amazing, but you’ll able to multitask with ease by splitting the screen.

You are just going to LOVE the display on the Xperia 10 and the 10 Plus. The Plus has a huge 6.5-inch stunner, while the 10 has a still-very-impressive 6-inches of HD brilliance.

And as per the Xperia 1, Sony’s audio expertise plays a big part on the Xperia 10, too - you're guaranteed a satisfyingly loud and rich sound.


The Xperia 10 has a great dual camera (13MP + 5MP) that creates high quality images, and you can easily add beautiful blur to the background of your photos to make subjects stand out.

You can also record video in a number of aspect ratios. 1:1 is perfect for Instagram, or you can make footage look epic with that wide 21:9 cinema format.

Round the front, the 8MP front camera gives you brighter, clearer selfies.

Under the hood

Battery-wise, there’s a high 2,870mAh inside. Looking at the processor, the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 630 processor packs enough power to make everything fast and responsive.

Xperia Adaptive Charging monitors your phone as it charges, to make sure the battery isn’t overworked.

Plus, Smart Stamina predicts how long your power will last and adapts your energy usage to keep you going for longer.

Three awesome phones, we're sure you'd agree. Stay tuned to the Lowdown to find out when you can finally get your hands on them. And tell us in the comments below what you're most looking forward to seeing with these phones.

What are your thoughts? Join the conversation here…

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