Moto G 4G vs HTC Desire 510

The HTC Desire 510 and Moto G 4G both come in at very similar prices, and only six months separate them. So the real question is, which should you go for?
Moto G 4G vs HTC Desire 510

Having trouble choosing your next smartphone? Let’s have a closer look at the Moto G 4G and the HTC Desire 510.

Design & display

The first thing you’ll notice is that both phones are a similar size, not too chunky, but by the same token, not the slimmest smartphones on the market. The Moto G features the usual Motorola finger dimple on its rear just below the camera lens, and HTC hasn’t strayed too far from its typical streamlined design, either.

The 510’s screen measures in at 4.7-inches, while the Moto’s is a smidge bigger at 5-inches – which is quickly becoming the norm for smartphones these days. The quality of the displays, however, sets them apart. HTC’s display doesn’t quite match up to the level of Moto’s HD resolution.


In the camera department, Motorola has come up trumps again with 8MP against the HTC’s 5MP. It’s important to note that it’s not always all about megapixel counts when it comes to cameras, but at this lower level, it kind of is.

Both phones also feature front-facing cameras to fulfil our ever-growing desire to take selfies, but with just 0.7MPs difference, we’d really be splitting hairs.


Battery life is a big deal with any smartphone. Being able to last the whole day is a must for most people, and anything that can’t hack that really will become a nuisance. Thankfully, these two are more than capable.

Both phones feature power saving modes, which can be employed when you really need to squeeze every last drop out of the battery. Turning them on disables unnecessary apps in order to preserve power.


When it comes to speed, all eyes are on the phones’ processors – and they’re exactly the same size. Whether it’s gaming you’re into or kicking back and enjoying a film, you‘ll get pretty much identical experiences from these two competitors.


It looks like Moto G 4G, the younger of the two smartphones, has the edge here. Times move quickly in the smartphone industry, and six months means a lot.

It offer a slightly larger display, bigger battery and better camera, so if you’re looking to spend under £15 a month, the Motorola is certainly worth a look. If however you’re looking

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