LG G5 arrives

The LG G5 is one of the most innovative phones for years…
LG G5 arrives

With a new camera, unique battery and host of quirky Friends (we’ll come back to these later), it’s hard to see how anything will top the new LG G5 at Mobile World Congress 2016 this week.

The LG G5 has just been unveiled in front of a select crowd in Barcelona, a crowd that saw surprise after surprise come from the South Korean tech giant.

LG G5 dual camera

One of the most interesting things about the new G5 is its dual camera. On the back of the phone, there are two lenses housing two cameras – a 16MP one and an 8MP one. This gives the LG G5 some unique abilities.

You can choose whether you want to use one or both lenses. When using just the one, you’ll take a regular 16MP photo, just like you would on the G4 (of course, it’s had some updates so your photos should look even better).

But if you switch to both lenses, you’ll take 24MP photos with a super-wide angle. LG says your photos will have a field of vision as wide as the human eye so you can fit more into your shots.

There’s also a host of new camera modes and effects thanks to the dual cameras, and we’ll go into more depth on these in the coming weeks.

LG G5 magazine battery

LG G5 removable battery

LG’s cleverest innovation in the G5 is the unique magazine battery. LG wanted a removable battery and a premium, modern unibody like its rivals. But with that design, you can’t have a removable back. LG found a solution.

With the LG G5, you can squeeze the bottom of the phone and pull. This slides the battery out, letting you quickly swap a drained power pack for a fresh one.

This makes the LG G5 the only phone with a stylish unibody and a removable battery. And it has let LG invent some unusual extras for the phone – LG Friends.

LG Friends

The LG Friends are a collection of add-ons you can plug into the LG G5 after sliding out the standard battery.

First up, there’s Cam Plus, a camera grip with extra battery capacity. The idea is you’ll be able to hold and use the LG G5 like a regular camera, letting you make the most of that amazing new shooter.

Then there’s Hi-Fi Plus, a Bang & Olufsen speaker that should give your music and movies a real boost.

A 360⁰ camera can be added too. You’ll be able to capture an entire scene easily and then look back on it with the next Friend – LG’s virtual reality headset.

The new headset is light and compact, sort of like a pair of sports sunglasses, and will give you a full virtual reality experience powered by the LG G5.

Finally, LG has created a remote-controlled security camera that works with your G5. It’s a small rolling robot that you can control from any device running Android or iOS over the internet, so you can see what’s going on from anywhere in the world. It even has an infrared blaster, so you can turn on your TV remotely for security.

LG G5 Rolling Bot

The rest of the phone

Away from the big new innovations, the LG G5 has some really good upgrades from last year’s LG G4.

The new design, for example, is beautiful. The G5 is carved from a single piece of aluminium, giving a smooth, seamless finish. And there’s a gentle curve at the top and bottom of the phone to make it look different from the other metal and glass phones out there.

The screen looks fantastic too. It’s a 5.3-inch Quad HD panel that uses LG’s expertise in OLED technology to give stunning colours. It also has an always-on mode that lets you see new notifications with a glance, rather than having to unlock the phone.

Inside the LG G5, Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon processor, the quad core 820, is running things. This is the fastest and most efficient processor Qualcomm’s ever made. And it’s backed by 4GB RAM to make sure everything runs perfectly smooth.

Round the back of the phone, LG has moved away from its unique rear buttons. Now there’s just a fingerprint scanner-power button – the volume rocker has been moved to the side.

We’ll be spending more time with the LG G5 soon, so check back for more. In the meantime, you can register your interest in the phone to make sure you’re one of the first to get hold of it.

LG G5 confirmed

LG is set to host an announcement at Mobile World Congress on 21 February, and until now we could only speculate as to what the South Korean giant would be unveiling.

Last night, the world’s media was sent the above invite, confirming that a new smartphone will be coming and that it will be called the LG G5. What the robot, toy plane and hat-wearing goldfish represent is still uncertain, but the tagline “come meet new friends on the playground” could suggest that we’ll be meeting more than the G5.

What to expect

Obviously details are thin on the ground at the moment, but having enjoyed the LG G4 so much we’re hoping for more of the same. The 16MP camera is going to be a tough act to follow, which did very well in our 2015 camera comparisons.

Towards the end of last year we saw the unique V10 from LG, which boasted two screens. And, given the G4 has an outstanding 5.5-inch Quad HD display, we could be looking at something amazing. LG isn’t scared of trying new things, which makes the G5 even more exciting.

Got something to add? Drop us a comment below and let us know what you think the LG G5 will be like.

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