Get to know Samsung SmartThings

Everything you need to know about Samsung and its SmartThings movement...
Get to know Samsung SmartThings

Creating the smart home

By using a range of gadgets, or ‘Things’, you can easily achieve the smart home experience with a little help from Samsung.

All you need to get started is the free app (available from Android from the Google Play Store, iOS from the App Store and Windows Phones from the Windows Phones Store) for your smartphone and a SmartThings Hub, which connects to your internet router. Once installed you can start connecting Things allowing you to run your smart home remotely.

Samsung’s SmartThings are split into four main categories: home security, remote monitoring, lighting and energy, and convenience and entertainment – all of which contribute to the overall smart home experience. There’s no contract or monthly fees, and you can add more devices as and when you like.


Once upon a time, owning a sophisticated home security system was for the super rich, but thankfully that’s not the case anymore. By placing SmartThings Multipurpose Sensors on your doors or windows, you will get notifications directly to your smartphone if they’re ever opened without your consent.

But what good is that if you can’t deter the unwanted guest when you’re away from the house? Luckily Samsung has thought about that, too. Compatible alarms are available that will flash, sound sirens or even the noise of loud dog barks, which will hopefully have intruders running for the hills.


Keeping tabs on the family isn’t always easy, especially when everyone has different agendas. But with SmartThings Arrival Sensors you can do exactly that. Sensors can easily fit on a keychain or in a purse, and they’ll let you know when each family member arrives home safely.

You can also monitor a video stream of your home with security cameras linked to your smartphone, allowing you to see exactly what’s going on in real time.

Lighting and energy

With SmartThings you can automate your lighting to come on when you arrive home, or flick off when you leave the house. If that’s not enough there’s also the availability to get on board with SmartThings-compatible thermostats and air-conditioning units, ensuring you keep on top of your energy usage.

Convenience and entertainment

With SmartThings-compatible speakers (like Sonos, for example – check out our review here), you can expect a friendly greeting as you walk through the door, and your favourite playlist to kick off with a little help from Spotify, Pandora or Soundcloud.

Also, by plugging in appliances like a coffee maker or Crock-Pot to a SmartThings Power Outlet, you can control them from where ever you are, meaning you can start cooking your evening meal before you even arrive home.

To find out more about Samsung SmartThings, head to the hub page at Currys PC World, and if you’ve got any experience of SmartThings, we’d love to hear from you.

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