Galaxy Note 10 – the latest from Samsung's launch

Samsung just unveiled the new Note10 – and there’s plenty to get excited about…
Galaxy Note 10 – the latest from Samsung's launch
Samsung has officially launched the new Note10 at their Galaxy Unpacked event in New York. And we were there to find out just what's in store...

Not just one, but two new Note10s

That’s right, this time you’ve got the choice between two new Notes. There’s the big and proud Note10+ with a whopping 6.8-inch screen, or for those who want all the power of a Galaxy Note, but in a more compact form, there’s the Note10. But don’t be fooled by its compact design, you still get an incredible 6.3-inches of screen to play with.


The Note10 is almost a full millimetre thinner than the last note too “both devices are impossibly thin, at less than 8mm” - 7.9mm to be exact. So now, Note owners can get away with the skinniest of skinny jeans and barely notice it in their pocket.

A truly “immersive dynamic AMOLED display”

The Note has always been about the screen, and the Note10 takes it to the next level. Not only does the Note10+ come with “the biggest screen ever on a Note”, but it also gives off “less blue light to maximise your eye comfort without sacrificing colour”.

As well as boasting the biggest screen ever on a Note, Note10+ also has “the highest screen to window ratio ever” too thanks to “virtually no bezels”.

The top of the Infinity-O screen is where you’ll find the camera cut out, which is now much smaller to make the most of all that lovely screen.

At the bottom, Samsung has “built an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor right beneath the glass”, so no more fumbling around trying to find the sensor – just touch the screen.

As far as colour options go, there’s the usual white and black, plus a rich Aura Red and more subtle Aura Pink. And then there’s “the one of a kind Aura Glow”, which refracts light to create stunning iridescent colours.

An all-new S-Pen – with six-axis motion sensor

The S-Pen has always been more than a writing tool, but this year, Samsung has added a new six-axis motion sensor with an accelerometer and a gyro-sensor. This means the S-Pen can now detect the direction and acceleration of your movements so you can “control your device and apps with simple gestures”.


An action-camera in your smartphone

There’s a lot to love about Note10, but it’s the camera that really stole the show!

The Note10 comes with three lenses on the back - “there’s a perfect lens for every shot”. Samsung has taken the pro-grade photography tools of the note and extended them to video. You can even add beautiful bokeh effects to your movies. And you can even zoom in on sound, so “as you zoom in, both the image and the sounds come into focus” – now that’s really cool!

And while we’re on the subject of video, Note10’s ‘Super Steady’ feature offers some of the best video stabilisation we’ve ever seen, adding real professional quality to all your video shoots.

And once you’ve captured all those glorious video shots, you can edit them right from the Note10 thanks to the new built-in editing suite.

Other key highlights from the Note10 launch event…

That’s some of the main Note10 features covered, but there’s a whole lot more worth noting (sorry, couldn’t resist):

  • A cooling vapour chamber – to keep the phone cool during intense gaming sessions
  • Support for fast wireless charging 2.0 plus super-fast wired charging
  • Both Note10 and Note10+ will be available in 5G
  • 3D scanning that lets you build three-dimensional models using the Note10 camera.

Keep an eye out for more Note10 news…

Want to find out more about the Note10? Look out for our Note10 hands-on review, coming soon.

What are your thoughts? Join the conversation here…

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