Are you doing Facebook right?

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world, but is there an etiquette you should be following?
Are you doing Facebook right?

Facebook etiquette

Social media is such a big part of our lives these days, it’s important we do it right. Maybe you’ve already got it nailed, and maybe you haven’t, but we’re here today to lay down the law on Facebook etiquette, just so everyone is on the same page.

Facebook is now over a decade old, and that means if you were an early adopter of one of the most popular website online, then you’ve probably amassed a long list of, let’s call them associates, over time. Some of them, and hopefully most of them, will be actual mates – but what about the stragglers?

The rules of unfriending

A good rule of thumb here would be: If you wouldn’t stop and speak to them in the street, what’s the point in being force-fed pictures of their babies through social media? If that’s still a little unclear, here’s a quick rundown of the kind of people that shouldn’t make the cut when it comes to the Facebook friend purge.

  • Have you ever scrolled past somebody’s name and thought to yourself, ‘I have no idea who they are’? If so, they’ve got no place on your account.
  • That club promoter you added because he gave you and your mates VIP queue jump once, five years ago. Imagine a world where you don’t have to read the same message every Thursday about how amazing the night’s going to be. Delete.
  • That one person who was in your form class at school, and you were mates with on MySpace and they weirdly followed you across to Facebook and it was all, frankly, a bit weird. You can get rid of them now.
  • Your friend’s mum. She doesn’t really know how to use Facebook anyway – you’re golden. If she asks, just blame it on all a social media-hacking, mum-deleting virus. The more colourful the name you make up, the better.

The don’ts of Facebook

We all know there a few specific things that rub us the wrong way when it comes to Facebook. Things that make us cringe inside and others that make us throw our hands into the air in pure exasperation. Need some example? Here goes:

  • Excessive baby photos. You gave birth to a human, we all get that. Soon you’ll go on to tell us that said baby is 18 months old – not a year and a half – but 18 months. Hey, it’s 678 minutes past midnight - you figure it out.
  • Candy Crush Saga invitations. Seriously? You know who you are.
  • Reposting Timehop memories. Do you release that if you keep doing this, in years to come you’re going to have very repetitive Timehop visits, as they’ll all be the same since the invention of the app. This is for your own sanity, people.
  • Nonsensical, attention-seeking statuses, e.g. “Not a happy bunny, can’t believe the nerve of some people! Don’t even ask!!!” But, now we feel we must ask, out of pure curiosity. What are you angry about? What have people done to you? Either put this information in the post, or don’t post it. Simple.
  • Threating to delete your Facebook account or, even worse, announcing a Facebook friend cull. Just go for it, it must be difficult having too many friends.

The dos of Facebook

It’s not all doom and gloom, however. We all have Facebook for a reason, so there must be stuff we like seeing each other post, right? This is what we'd like to see...

  • Humorous, relevant stuff.
  • Photos of the awesome things you’ve been doing. Everyone can enjoy that.
  • Articles or blog posts you’ve found interesting. Ask yourself, ‘will other people find this as useful as me?’ If so, bang it on the Book.
  • Stuff you’re proud of. If you’re proud, your friends should be proud, too.

Have we missed anything? Drop us a comment if there’s something you think we should have included.

What are your thoughts? Join the conversation here…

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