Lg G4

31 March, 2016
How much of an upgrade is LG's new phone?
21 February, 2016
The world’s media is gathering in Barcelona to watch the launch of the new LG G5. Join them on the live stream at 1PM.
23 December, 2015
The best phones of 2015 are in. We've looked back over this year's smartphones and found eight that are a cut above the rest.
18 August, 2015
Are you looking to make your working life that bit more streamlined, but not sure how? A new smartphone is always a good place to start - here are a few
29 July, 2015
We've put the LG G4 up against the Sony Xperia Z3+ to ease your decision if you're looking for that new smartphone feeling
29 July, 2015
To help you choose a great new look, we’ve rounded up some of the very best virtual makeup and hairstyle apps around.
14 July, 2015
Some of our favourite smartphones have wide-angled front-facing cameras now, but are they good enough to see off the selfie stick?
10 July, 2015
The LG G4 has a great camera, but how good is its slow motion mode?
7 July, 2015
The new LG G4c is a budget version of the flagship LG G4, but how much do you sacrifice when you cut the price?
15 June, 2015
It's nature photography day, and we're celebrating by comparing five of the best Android smartphones' cameras on the market.
19 May, 2015
LG has unveiled two new G4 smartphones, the LG G4c and LG Stylus. Take a look at what makes the new phone different to 2015's flagship.
13 May, 2015
We all love gadgets, so we've put together a list of our favourite shiny things for you to crave in the months ahead.
8 May, 2015
We asked one of our trusted reviewers to see what the LG G4 is like to live with, here's what they thought.
6 May, 2015
LG has launched the G4, their new flagship smartphone and a successor to their popular G3 smartphone. Find out more here.
1 May, 2015
The LG G4 is built using real leather, but what other strange materials will be used in our phones of the future?
30 April, 2015
Check out some of the unique things that make the G4 great.

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