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One of the most interesting and useful features of the LG G3 is Knock Code. In short, to unlock the phone you just need to tap a pattern onto the screen, even when it’s turned off. But how does it compare to a fingerprint scanner?

What is Knock Code?

Instead of using a PIN to unlock your phone, you can just tap or knock on the screen in a pattern. Unlike a PIN, you can tap the pattern anywhere on the G3’s screen, even when the screen is off, so it’s easy to use.

Is Knock Code more secure than a fingerprint scanner or PIN?

When it comes to security, a fingerprint scanner is still more secure than anything else right now. After all, it’s very difficult to copy a finger! But Knock Code is much more secure than a PIN.

There are lots of reasons for this. With a PIN the screen needs to be turned on, so anyone being sneaky can look over your shoulder and see your PIN. With Knock Code, the screen can be off and the code will still work. You can also tap the pattern on any part of the screen, so no one can look at the fingerprints on your display to work out your code either.

Is it more practical than a fingerprint scanner?

In many cases, yes, it can be more practical. Fingerprint scanners can be slightly faster because all you need to do is hold or slide your finger over the scanner. But they won’t work if your finger is wet, or if it’s dirty. Knock Code will though.

Knock Code on the LG G3 is also easier to use one handed. A fingerprint scanner is always in the same place, and can only recognise certain fingers. This means you’ll need to be holding the phone in a specific way, and always have those fingers free. With Knock Code, any finger is fine, so you can bash out the code easily. You can also then turn of the G3’s screen with a double tap instead of having to reach for the power button.

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