Scrap the cloud

Cloud computing has been a revolution, but with a number of high profile hacks in the last year you might be thinking it’d be safer to store your stuff on a device that you always have with you, like your phone.
Scrap the cloud

The only problem with keeping everything on your phone is that the small screen makes it hard to get work done or share things like presentations. That’s why software developers are working hard to find ways of letting you put your phone on your computer, TV or any other big screen.

BlackBerry Blend

BlackBerry Blend

BlackBerry is leading the way at the moment withBlackBerry Blend. This powerful software lets you access your BlackBerry remotely, so if you leave your phone at home, you can still get all your messages.

It’s also great for working from home asBlackBerry Blendgives you secure access to your work emails, calendar and important files on your computer without a secure connection like a virtual private network (VPN).

In short,BlackBerry Blendlets you access anything that’s on your smartphone from any internet connected device. And what’s more, you can still use the phone for other stuff, like taking calls, while working on documents through Blend.

Project my screen

Microsoft’s solution isn’t so clever that you can do separate things on your computer and your phone, butProject my Screendoes still let you access everything your phone has to offer.

It lets you put your phone screen onto any internet connected device, like a computer or smart TV. And as Windows Phone has apps likeMicrosoft Officepreinstalled, that can be pretty handy.

You could start writing a document on your office computer and complete it when you get home. And you wouldn’t need a secure VPN to remotely access the work desktop or suffer through typing a long document on a touchscreen keyboard.



If you want to use the stuff on your Android phone on a big screen, the best app available isAirDroid.

It lets you access files from your phone as well as send text messages from it and even use its camera. The only problem is that you can’t get your phone’s emails.

On the plus side, however, you can use the phone while usingAirDroidon your computer.

What's next?

It shouldn’t be long before more mobile operating systems come with software to rivalBlackBerry Blend. That means we could soon be scrapping the cloud in favour of keeping all of our stuff safe on our mobiles.

The next step would be to get phones to send full-sized versions of its apps to big screens. That would make emails better and give more functionality in things like Word. When that happens, you’d be able to scrap the laptop too.

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