Samsung Galaxy S5 tips and tricks

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the newest and shiniest smartphone around, and you can get the most out of it with these tips
Samsung Galaxy S5 tips and tricks

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is finally on sale and this state of the art smartphone is loaded with new features. We’ve been through the phone finding the coolest new things it can do and put together this tips and tricks guide to the Samsung Galaxy S5.


If you really need to cut down your power use and stretch out your battery life, Ultra Power Saving Mode is perfect. It turns the screen black and white and gives you access to calls and texts as standard. You can then add up to four more apps that you need. So if you’re lost and low on power, you can still get Google Maps. With Ultra Power Saving Mode, you can make a 10 per cent charge last up to 24 hours.


To make sure you’re getting the most from your videos, pictures and games you should use Samsung’s pre-set display modes. There’s a professional mode that’s perfect for photos and a vivid mode that’ll make your games look amazing. It’s really easy to switch between them and you’ll enjoy the screen on your Galaxy S5 a lot more than if you leave it in Active Display (automatic) mode.


Setting the screen brightness to auto on your Galaxy S5 will make it a lot easier to see in bright light and will give you a much better battery life. That’s because in auto mode the screen can reach an unrivalled level of brightness to counter sunshine. And it’ll automatically dim when you don’t need the extra brightness, which saves a lot of power.


You can make the Galaxy S5 keyboard easier to reach with one hand, which is great if your other hand’s carrying the shopping. The one handed operation setting squashes the keyboard over to one side of the phone so you can reach every letter with your thumb.


This gives you really quick access to your five favourite apps from anywhere in your Galaxy S5. You can activate Toolbox in the sound and display settings. You’ll then get a small floating button on the screen that lets you jump to your top apps instantly. So you could be reading the news in the browser and jump straight to your messages to send a text.


The easiest way to keep on top of your daily activity is to put the Galaxy S5′s step counter on your lock screen. The phone’s got a built in pedometer so you can try and meet daily goals for how much walking you do. And now you can see that information just by glancing at your phone’s lock screen.


Doing more than one thing at once on your phone has never been easier. With the new multi window on the Galaxy S5, you can have an app like Twitter or Facebook open on the screen and if you click on a link, it’ll automatically split the screen between the original app and your browser. That means you won’t keep getting kicked off of one app just to watch your browser load.


This is a great feature if you have a hearing impairment. The Galaxy S5 has a unique baby monitor that will make a Samsung Gear smartwatch vibrate when it hears a baby crying. You can turn the baby cry detector on in the Galaxy S5′s Accessibility settings.

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