Make the most of Safari

Apple's own web browser, Safari, was one of the first mobile web browsers, but it has developed over time. Here are some key tips to get the most from it.
Make the most of Safari

Safari is Apple’s web browser, and it’s been on iPhones and iPads from day one. It was one of the first mobile web browsers around, and it’s constantly being improved to keep it bang up to date.

To help you make the most of Safari, here are a few hints and tips to try out next time you’re browsing the web on your iPhone or iPad:


With Safari, you’ll be able to use some handy swipe and pinch gestures to speed up your browsing.

For example, you can instantly go back to the last page you viewed with a quick swipe. Just place your finger at the left of your screen, and swipe it towards the middle. You can also swipe from the right to go forwards.

Want to see your open tabs? Just do a two finger pinch on any page you’re browsing to reveal all…


To save space, Safari hides your full URL and shortens it to the main website address.

This can be a bit annoying if you need to get the actual URL of the page you’re visiting.

The solution is to click on the URL to reveal the full website address. If it’s too long to view in its entirety you might need to turn your device to ‘landscape’ mode.

If the web address is still too long for you to see, you’ll need to copy the URL (by tapping and holding the URL itself until you can ‘Select All’ and ‘Copy’) and paste it somewhere else to take a look at it.


If you want to quickly search for a word or phrase on the web page you’re on, you don’t need to do anything complicated – just type the word you’re looking for into the search bar.

At the bottom of the recommended searches, you’ll see a heading ‘On This Page’, with your search term and number of matches underneath.

Tap on the number of matches, and a prefilled search box will appear at the bottom of your screen. You’ll then be able to scroll through all the matched keywords on the webpage using the arrow keys.


Even the best internet surfers accidentally close a tab by mistake now and again. Luckily with Safari you can quickly locate and reopen these ‘lost’ tabs.

Simply tap and hold the ‘+’ icon to the right of your search bar. This will give you a list of all your recently closed tabs, and you can then tap on any one to reopen it. Phew!


Being told that we’ve incorrectly entered our credit card number is surely one of the most annoying things there is. And thanks to our chubbier than average fingers here at The Lowdown, this happens quite a lot.

Help is now at hand though, with Safari’s great credit card scanning feature.

Next time you buy something in Safari, when you tap the ‘Card number’ field, look out for the ‘Auto Fill Credit Card’ that will appear just above your onscreen keyboard. Tap that, and then ‘Use Camera’.

You then simply point your device at your credit card, make sure it’s in the frame, and as if by magic it’ll read your credit card number and enter it in the ‘Card number’ field for you.

We hope you find these Safari hints and tips useful. Have you got any of your own? Don’t keep them to yourself – feel free to share your expert knowledge below.

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