Make the most of Endomondo

Endomondo is a brilliant app that helps you track everything you do to keep fit and hit your health goals. Here are some tips to best use it.
Make the most of Endomondo

Endomondo is a brilliant app that helps you track everything you do to keep fit and hit your health goals. It can log a huge range of sports, create personalised fitness plans and share your recent activities with friends to help keep you motivated. But with so much that it can do, are you really using the app to its full potential? Here’s our guide to making the most of Endomondo.


Whether you play a game of football, go for a run or climb a mountain, Endomondo knows how many calories you burn. It works it out using your height, weight and gender from your profile. So if you haven’t got accurate, up to date information in the app, you won’t get the most from Endomondo. Keep updating your profile with your latest weight to make sure the app stays as accurate as ever.


One of the best things about Endomondo is its social side. You can share workouts with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, or with millions of other Endomondo users through the app. That means you can get encouragement every time you do something using the app.


Once you’ve found friends that use Endomondo, set them a challenge like ‘Burn more calories than me this month’. The competition will motivate you to run faster and longer for the pride of beating your friends. You can challenge individuals or groups to loads of different things, from number of workouts to length of run, so there’s something to motivate everyone.


Setting a commitment is a little more personal than a challenge, but you can still get a lot of motivation from friends. If you use Endomondo to commit to running a 5-minute mile by the end of the year, you can bet your friends will keep asking how close you are to doing it and won’t let you back out.


If you want to get out on your bike or go for a run, but don’t really know where to go, check out Endomondo’s nearby routes. Other people who use the app can share routes that they’ve done and enjoy, so you can find new inspiration to get you motivated. And to encourage you to push harder, every route has a timing leader-board that you can try to top.


Endomondo is great at tracking what you do, but for even more accuracy get yourself a wearable. Endomondo can take data from pretty much all fitness tracking wearables. And because those wearables are designed to track how you move, they’re a lot more accurate than your phone, which will make Endomondo more accurate. Take a look at our top fitness wearables to find one that suits you.


If you’re aiming to reach a specific goal, like running a route in a certain time, it’s important to feel like you’re improving. If you think you’ve stalled, stop checking your history in Endomondo! Keep uploading new workout logs and check back in a month or so. It’ll be much easier to see that you’ve run further or your time’s dropped since you last checked.


If you want to achieve something big, like swimming the Channel or running the London Marathon, and you have no idea where to start, upgrade to the premium version of Endomondo. It gives you access to the Training Plan feature where you can tell Endomondo what you want to achieve and when you want to hit that goal. It’ll then recommend how many times a week you should train and will tell you exactly what to do on each day to make sure you hit your goals without pushing yourself too hard.

Tell us how you get on with Endomondo in the comments below. Or, if you don’t think it’s the app for you, check out our other top fitness apps.

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