How to use the HTC EYE Experience

HTC EYE Experience introduces a range of new features to the front camera of HTC phones. Here's the list of phones it will work on and how it works.
How to use the HTC EYE Experience

HTC EYE Experience has loads of fun features that work with the front facing camera of HTC phones. Here’s the phones it’ll be available for, and how the EYE Experience works.

EYE Experience will be available as a free update to the HTC One (M8), HTC One (M7), HTC One (E8), HTC One mini, HTC One mini 2, HTC One max, HTC Desire 816, HTC Desire 820, the HTC Butterfly 2 and comes preinstalled on the HTC Desire EYE.


Probably the most fun feature, Face Fusion merges two faces together, normally with hilarious results! You can find out in seconds what you’d look like with your friend’s chin, or how their head would look on your body.

To use Face Fusion, take two separate portrait photos, with one face in each. Then go to the gallery and select one of the photos. Tap the screen, click on edit and then chose Face Fusion in Effects. Tap the black box on the right of the screen to add a second face. Choose the face you want to merge in the gallery, and move the slider up and down until you get the image you want. Then save and share it with your friends.


This feature comes into play when you’re making video calls. Face Tracking keeps your face in focus even when you’re moving around, and splits the screen up when you’re video chatting with more than one person.

To use Face Tracking, start a video call and tap the camera menu button on the left of the screen. Tap the Face Track option, and your HTC will keep your face in focus. It’ll work for the people you’re calling too, as long as they have Eye Experience. When more people come into the call on their end, the screen boxes them off, so they all stay in focus even if they get up and move around. It’ll work perfectly for up to four people.


With these features, you can take a selfies handsfree. Smile, say cheese and more, so taking a selfies is easier and faster than ever.

To turn on Auto Selfie and Voice Selfie, open the camera and turn on the selfie mode by swiping down on the camera screen. Press the menu icon, which is the three dots icon, and tap Settings. In Cameras Options you can turn on Auto Selfie and Voice Selfie.

Now you can take your selfie in a few simple ways. You can smile for the camera. You can keep your head still until the white boxes turn green. The voice commands are easy too. Say Cheese or Capture to start the selfies timer, or say Capture to turn the selfies video recorder on.


With Split Capture, you can record videos with the front and the back camera, making for fun videos with your commentary in them. It’s perfect for holidays.

To turn on Split Capture, open the camera app and swipe down on the screen until the screen is split. Then, just take photos or hit the record button. You can trim your video after you’ve stopped recording to get the length just right.

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