How to connect Bluetooth headphones to your phone

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How to connect Bluetooth headphones to your phone

Sure, we love our devices – but who wants to be connected to them by headphone wires all day? If you haven’t already invested in a pair of Bluetooth headphones, now’s the time.

From smashing your goals at the gym to The Smashing Pumpkins on the go, they make everyday life a whole lot smoother. And if you’re not sure which ones to choose – here are five of the best wireless headphones out there at the moment.

But if you’ve already treated yourself to a pair – let’s get you set up and clued up…

How to connect Bluetooth headphones

You’ve unboxed your new headphones and now you want to explore the freedom of wireless connectivity. First thing’s first, you’ll need to turn on the Bluetooth settings on your phone. If you’re on iOS this is in Settings > Bluetooth and if you’re an Android user just go into Settings > Device Connection.

Make sure your Bluetooth is on and searching for new devices. Then press the ‘pairing’ button on your headphones, give it a few seconds and your device should locate your headphones.

Once it has, tap on it to pair – and depending on what headphones you’ve got yourself, you should either hear a noise or see a flashing light that indicates that you’ve connected successfully.

Can I pair multiple Bluetooth devices?

That all depends on your device. Some phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Huawei P30, let you connect two different pairs of Bluetooth headphones – so you and your friend can watch a film together on the same device. There are also a few apps which let you connect multiple Bluetooth speakers to one device, like AmpMe.

If your phone does have the capability to connect to two devices at once, you’d connect in the same way above. The only difference is you’d do it twice!

Why is my Bluetooth not working?

If your Bluetooth isn’t working, there’s no need to worry. There are three things you can try that generally solve the problem:

  1. Turn both the Bluetooth and your device off and then on again (yes, we know it’s an obvious one but it’s surprisingly effective most of the time!)
  2. Double check that your devices are paired and connected (you might need to search for it again)
  3. Restart your device completely

If your device still isn’t connecting to Bluetooth you might need to have a chat with an expert about it.

Common Bluetooth problems

There’s a reason Bluetooth has been around for years. It’s so useful and easy to use – but like anything, there can be a few bumps in the road when it comes to pairing. Here are some common Bluetooth problems and how you can solve them.


Some devices have a shorter range of connectivity than others. If all signs point to you being connected but you’re far away from your device, try moving closer and see if that works.


Older devices might pair up with multiple devices. For example, if your friend has paired up their phone with your headphones in the past, it might try to make that connection first.

Recognise Device

If your Bluetooth is playing up, another solution could be to completely ‘forget’ the saved connection on the device you want it to connect to. Then re-pair the headphones in a new connection on your phone. This could help strengthen the connectivity.


When all else fails, double check that the devices are compatible with each other. Some devices might be Bluetooth-enabled but not intended to be used with Android devices – and vice versa.

What is NFC Pairing?

If you’ve heard the term NFC Pairing before but never really understood what it meant – let us explain. NFC is tech that lets Bluetooth devices connect to each other just by touching them together. It works like this:

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth headphones
  2. Turn on your device’s NFC option (which will be next to the Bluetooth option if it’s available on your device)
  3. Tap the NFC touchpoint on your device to the NFC touchpoint on your headphones

Once it’s paired up successfully, you’ll hear “Connected to (device name)” or a little light will pop up. Wondering if NFC Pairing is better than Bluetooth? Well, one positive is that it requires much less power, but the transmission is generally slower than Bluetooth. So, there are pros and cons.

Fancy giving Bluetooth connectivity a try? Check out our full range of Bluetooth headphones.

And that’s all you need to know about connecting Bluetooth headphones to your phone. But if we’ve missed anything out, go ahead and ask a question in the comments below.

What are your thoughts? Join the conversation here…

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