9 battery boosting tips for your Galaxy S6

The Galaxy S6 might charge quickly, but here's how to put off plugging in for longer.
9 battery boosting tips for your Galaxy S6

When Samsung designed the battery in the Galaxy S6, it concentrated on creating faster, easier ways to charge the phone instead of longer battery life. That means you can get four hours of use from a 10 minute charge. But it also means some people have complained of shorter than expected battery life.

If you need to squeeze every minute from the battery in your Samsung Galaxy S6, try these top tips.

1. Power saving mode

Samsung Galaxy S6 power saving mode

The simplest way to get a bit of extra life from your battery is to use the power saving mode that’s built into the Samsung Galaxy S6. This turns down the processor speed and screen brightness, and turns off vibration feedback and the touch key light. It’ll give you an extra few hours from a full battery.

2. Ultra power saving mode

Samsung Galaxy S6 ultra power saving mode

Ultra power saving mode is designed for emergencies, when you’re about to run out of power but are expecting a call or message. It switches off most of the phone’s connections and turns the screen black and white, leaving you with just a few key apps like phone, messages and internet. In this mode, battery life is tripled.

3. Use auto brightness

Samsung Galaxy S6 auto brightness

The two power saving modes are great for getting hours of extra battery, but they do hamper what the Galaxy S6 can do. One of the best ways to extend battery without limiting the phone is to use auto brightness. The screen is a big drain on power and this makes sure you don’t use more than is necessary.

4. Turn off vibrate

Samsung Galaxy S6 vibrate

You might not realise it, but it takes a lot of energy to make your phone vibrate. It’s actually more efficient to set the ringer to full volume. If you can’t do away with the vibrate function for notifications, you should at least turn off the vibration feedback for the keyboard and other buttons.

5. Turn off connections

Samsung Galaxy S6 connections

Not many of us need GPS running 24 hours a day, so switch it off when you’re not using it. The same goes for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. If you’re not actively using a type of connection on your Galaxy S6, keep it turned off so it’s not constantly looking for things to connect to.

6. Close background apps

Samsung Galaxy S6 background apps

When you exit an app in a modern smartphone, it doesn’t completely close down. So to save battery, use the ‘running apps’ button to the left of the Galaxy S6’s home button and hit ‘close all’, or tap the little crosses in the top right of each app, to close apps you aren’t using.

7. Use Smart Manager

Samsung Galaxy S6 smart manager

Smart Manager is a more advanced way to close things running in the background of the Galaxy S6. The app clears everything, not just apps, that’s using your phone’s processor unnecessarily. It also deletes unneeded temporary files to free up storage space.

8. Uninstall unused apps

Samsung Galaxy S6 uninstall apps

We’ve all done it, downloaded a fun looking game to find that it’s actually a bit rubbish. Don’t just leave those awful apps sitting around on your phone because they’ll keep checking for updates, going online and even opening up in the background.

9. Keep software up to date

Samsung Galaxy S6 software update

Software updates bring little fixes, optimisations and, sometimes, whole new designs and features. All of these can make big improvements to your battery life, so make sure you check for the latest software frequently.

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