Why we love the iPhone Xs camera?

The iPhone Xs camera is awesome, and here’s why…
Why we love the iPhone Xs camera?

September 12th saw the announcement of two new big screen iPhones - the iPhone Xs and Xs Max. And there’s loads more to these phones than their generous 5.8 and 6.5-inch displays – especially where the camera’s concerned. In fact, Apple’s so confident about its new dual-camera system, it’s demanded you ‘say hello to a new era of photography’. So, we thought we’d go ahead and get you properly introduced.

Smart HDR for smarter photos

Kicking things off – Apple’s revamped its image processing since the iPhone X with a new system called Smart HDR – powered by the mighty A12 Bionic Chip.

This clever feature runs your photos through the A12’s new integrated image signal processing system, ultimately creating a bunch of images at different exposures. Then, it combines them all into one final photo, resulting in more highlight and shadow detail to your snaps. Talk about the picture perfect.

Bokeh’s no jokey

The cameras on the iPhone Xs and Xs Max now come booted with a bokeh adjustment slider – the all-new Depth Control. The slider lets you adjust how out of focus the background is behind a picture’s subject. This is a significant advance over the iPhone X’s depth effect, which was either on or off. Time to get creative with your blur.

TrueDepth selfies in a flash

In addition to Face Detection (that little box that lets you know you’ve got a face), the front camera now adds TrueDepth to your selfies.

TrueDepth adds an infrared emitter that projects over 30,000 dots in a known pattern onto the user’s face. Those dots are then analysed, and an ambient light sensor helps the system set just the right light levels. In non-science speak, you won’t need to filter as many selfies because they will already be perfectly lit.

TrueDepth even works with Apple’s new Animojis and other special effects that require a 3D model of your face and head.


Sure, the iPhone Xs’s camera might still have the same amount of megapixels as the iPhone X – but each one of the 12 MP is now physically bigger. This means they let in more light so you’ll capture better low-light snaps. There’s also twice as many ‘focus pixels’, which Apple have called its phase-detect autofocus system.

4K, slo-mo and time-lapse

The new iPhone Xs now shoots 4K video with slo-mo and time-lapse modes. Apple even posted a short clip on its YouTube channel to show off what this incredible video can do. Take a look for yourself:

As you can see, the quality is pretty amazing. There’s an improved low-light performance and extended dynamic range in videos up to 30 fps. And you can be sure your videos will sound as good as they look with stereo recording and playback with wider sound separation.

So there you have it – iPhone Xs’s camera is truly a force to be reckoned with. Want in on the action? iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max are both available to order now at Carphone Warehouse.

Which iPhone Xs camera feature are you most looking forward to? Already tested the camera out for yourself? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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