Why we love the Galaxy S9 camera

The Galaxy S9 camera is amazing, and here’s why…
Why we love the Galaxy S9 camera

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are photo-taking marvels, crammed with photo skills to take your mobile shooting to the next level. We absolutely love it, and here’s a few reasons why you will too.

Take photos like a pro during the day or night

Night time photography is tricky business. It can be almost impossible to take a good photo in the dark. That’s why the Galaxy S9 can automatically switch between two aperture sizes (f/2.4 and f/1.5) to take stunning pictures at day or night.

For dark scene shooting, the camera lens switches to f/1.5 mode to let in more light. It’s a dab hand at capturing memories of a night out in your favourite dimly-lit club or candlelit restaurant. In daylight the lens switches to f/2.4 mode for sharper photos during the rest of the day.

Super-duper slow-motion shooting

You’ve not tried slow motion shooting until you’ve tried it on the Galaxy S9. Record video at 960 frames per second for the most ultra-dramatic slow-mo montage shots possible, just like in the movies.

Add bursts of slow motion to a video clip, or use the effect to highlight a special moment such as your friend blowing out candles on their birthday cake, or the winning goal at a football game. It makes almost any subject or moment feel even more exciting.

Fantastic 4K

Slow motion not your thing? Then how about 4K video recording. 4K video quality is the best you can get. It’s up to four times more detailed than regular Full HD, and that means goodbye to grainy footage. Capture video at 30 frames per second, or a buttery smooth 60 frames per second for movie clips that wouldn’t look out of place on your big screen TV.

You can give your photos an instant makeover in seconds

The photo fun doesn’t stop once you’ve captured something. Do more with your pictures by adding music, or transforming your snaps into looping GIFS. Everyone loves a GIF. With the S9 you can make GIFs in a jiffy straight from your phone ready to share with your friends.

Say goodbye to blur

The Galaxy S9 makes blurry shots a thing of the past thanks to True Motion Detection and Optical Image Stablization. The camera detects movement to compensate for it, and records at 960 frames per second so you capture every single moment as you remember it. The result is photos that are sharp and steady, even if you get a sudden burst of shaky hand syndrome.

Super selfies and perfect portraits

There’s a certain art to taking the perfect selfie, now anyone can capture them using a Galaxy S9. A Live Focus mode even lets you blur the background for professional-looking bokeh shots that keep yourself or your subject in focus. It’s like having your own portrait studio inside your pocket.

Don’t forget about that unlimited storage

Taking lots of pictures is all well and good if you have the space to store them all. The Galaxy S9 runs on the Android operating system, and one of the best things about that is you get free unlimited storage for photos and videos courtesy of Google Photos.

Each shot, and each video clip is automatically uploaded to the app, and sorted into chronological order for safe keeping. You can even go into the app and manually create your own albums too, if you fancy.

And that rounds up the reasons we love taking photos on these amazing phones. If you want to get your hands on one, you can order the Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+ from Carphone Warehouse.

Do you already own either phone? If so, then tell us your favourite features in the comments below.

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