Which phone size fits you?

Find out if a big screen or something smaller suits you...
Which phone size fits you?

Not sure whether you need a 5.5, 5.8 or 6.4-inch phone? Great phones come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve taken a look at some of the best so you can work out which is best for you based on what you like to do.

Is bigger better?

If you like watching films or TV shows on your phone, or need to do work on-the-go, you’ll probably want to get something on the larger side so you can fit it all in. Like these:

Apple iPhone Xs Max
With a 6.5-inch Super Retina HD display, you’ll never miss a thing. Bring movies to and TV to life. Get lost in the drama! But if you’re on the train, don’t miss your stop – it’s easily done… It covers the entire front of the phone, so you can do more of what you love. It comes in Gold, Silver and Space Grey, so you can pick one that matches your style.

Samsung Galaxy Note9
This powerful phone has a 6.4 inch Quad HD display, making it perfect for watching films or getting work done on the go. One thing that’s really smart is the new Bluetooth S-pen. It can control the phone from a distance, as well as up close. For example, you can prop the phone up somewhere for a group selfie, and use your S-Pen to take the shot. Clever stuff, eh? And because the screen’s such a stunner, your pictures will look awesome. In Black, Blue or Lavender, there’s one for everyone.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro
When you want to take amazing photos but still fit everything on the screen, the Mate 20 Pro is the one for you. With the Leica triple camera, you get stunning quality images, while the detail and colour you’ll get from that massive 6.4-inch display will blow your mind.

A happy medium

For something that’s not too big but not too small, these phones will let you do everything you need. Whether you want to take stunning photos or scroll away the day on social media, there’s one for everyone.

Google Pixel 3
The 5.5-inch display packs a lot in, and with the new Google Lens you can Google search everything you see around you. The Google Assistant is here to help with all life’s little questions, and make sure you’re where you need to be – when you need to be there! And here’s a neat trick - just flip the Pixel 3 face down and it’ll automatically turn on ‘Do not disturb’ mode, so you can enjoy time without your phone – yes, it is a thing apparently…

Apple iPhone Xs
With everything the Xs Max has to offer, the iPhone Xs is perfect for anyone wanting the latest Apple technology, just in a smaller package. The 5.8 inch display is clear and sharp, and it’s still packed with all the great features like faster Face ID, breakthrough dual-camera technology and wireless charging.

Huawei P20
For vivid colours and high-contrast packed into a 5.5 inch display, you can’t go wrong with the Huawei P20. The 128GB memory means you should always have enough storage, while the intelligent battery keeps up with everything you do. Plus, the Super-Charge technology will have you recharged in a flash whenever you’re in need.

More amazing phones in all shapes and sizes.

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