What to expect from MWC 2018

The world’s biggest mobile tech show is coming soon….
What to expect from MWC 2018

The big names are at Mobile World Congress

If CES (Consumer Electronics Show – a big annual technology trade show, which happens in Las Vegas every January) was the starter for mobile news, think of MWC as the main course. Mobile World Congress kicks off in Barcelona on 26 February (following the press day on the 25th), with four packed days of mobile phone unveilings and revelations.

We’re pretty excited, to be honest, so to get ourselves in the mood, we’ve dusted off our crystal ball to predict what the various manufacturers might reveal.


Big news - it looks like the latest Samsung flagship will be unleashed. Samsung have been dropping hints that its camera will be a major talking point (‘the camera, reimagined’, they’re saying), and rumours abound that while the design won’t provide too many surprises, the camera will offer dual aperture.


At MWC last year, the Xperia XZ Premium was launched – with its 4K HDR display and a top-notch camera. This year, we may meet its successor. There have been rumours of a dual rear camera and an OLED screen – as used on some Sony TVs – providing better contrast and battery life.


We’re excited by what Nokia has in store for us in 2018, and we reckon there’ll be some big announcements at MWC. So, what could it be? Well, maybe a 4G version of last year’s 3310 reboot. A flagship Nokia 9, perhaps. Or an entry-level Nokia 1. We’re waiting with bated breath.


We’ve heard whispers that new Moto X, E and G models will be announced this year – any or all of these could be launched at MWC, but the smart money says the Moto G6, G6 Plus and G6 Play are the most likely. Oh, and you’ll have noticed that the ‘play’ branding is back.


We’re not sure whether there’ll be anything new from Huawei at MWC. That’s not to say there’s nothing in the pipeline – we’re expecting something from them sometime soon, just not necessarily at MWC. Look out for a successor to the P10, and with it, very possibly, a triple camera.


Logic tells us to expect something new from LG. After all, the G5 and G6 were unveiled at the last two MWC events. But we’ve no firm rumours, so it’s a case of wait and see.


Don’t hold your breath for anything new from HTC, since the HTC U11+ has just been unveiled. Though now we’ve said that, they’ll probably go and launch a new HTC U12, just to spite us!


According to leaks, we can expect to see the unveiling of a "lite" version of the ZenFone 5, complete with four camera sensors - two at the back and two selfie cameras on the front.

Any other business…?

That covers pretty much everything. We’re not expecting much from Alactel, though there is an outside chance of a 3C launch. And Blackberry have said to expect new phones from them this year, but that’s all they’ve said. They’re keeping their cards very close to their chest right now.

What do you think?

It should be an eventful MWC. As well as the announcements we are expecting, don’t be surprised if we get news from unexpected places! Keep it locked to The Lowdown for the latest, and if you have any thoughts – or predictions of your own – tell us in the comments section below.

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