What is mobile broadband?

Everything you need to know about dongles, Mi-Fi, and mobile broadband...
What is mobile broadband?

Why buy mobile broadband?

Mobile broadband is pretty much what it says on the tin. High speed internet access you can carry around with you. It works through a SIM card, like you would have in your phone, providing online access to devices that only run on Wi-Fi or ethernet connections, like tablets or laptops, for example.

Who is mobile broadband for?

There are lots of applications for mobile broadband, but here are a few examples that might suit your needs.

  • On the move: Keep the kids happy on long journeys by simply connecting your tablet to a portable router

  • Working remotely: If you rely on coffee shop, bar, or station Wi-Fi, you’d be better off with mobile broadband. It’s more secure and will offer a faster connection, because you’re the only one using it

  • Studying: If you’re a student and you’re only going to be in your house/halls/dorm for nine months of the year, you don’t want to be paying for a 12-month contract

  • Moving home: Can’t wait around to get your new router set up? Bridge the gap with mobile broadband

Who supplies mobile broadband?

We sell a range of different mobile broadband packages from three main suppliers – Vodafone, iD, and EE. But the best place to start is with the hardware…


Dongles are like small USB sticks that plug into your laptop when you’re on the go. The dongle is able to connect to the internet using a mobile signal, meaning you don’t need Wi-Fi at all.

Check out our mobile broadband dongles here.


Data SIM cards, just like the ones you would put in your smartphone, are available pre-loaded with varying amount of data. They’re most commonly used with tablets that can take a SIM card. The advantage being that, once again, there’s no need for a Wi-Fi network to get online.

Check out our data SIM cards here.

Mi-Fi hubs

Mi-Fi hubs are a little more bulky than dongles, but the advantage is that you can connect multiple devices at once. They also feature batteries that can last up to around 50 hours on a single charge. So if you’re on a long car journey with the family or a group of friends and everyone wants to do different things online at once, you can all run off the same Mi-Fi network.

Check out our Mi-Fi hubs here.

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