What are LG Friends?

The first steps towards the modular smartphone...
What are LG Friends?

LG’s new kids on the block

If you’ve been following any of the new handset announcements at Mobile World Congress, you may have heard about a new range of accessories to go alongside the LG G5 called LG Friends. But what are they, and what do they do?

Modular mobiles

Ever since Google announced plans to start producing a modular smartphone, codenamed Project Ara, there’s been a lot of excitement around what it would mean for the future of smartphones.

Being able to add, subtract and replace different parts of your mobile phone would eliminate any need to buy a new one. If you smashed the screen, or the battery was getting old, or the camera was becoming out-dated, you’d just replace that part of the phone.

And that’s sort of where LG has started heading with the G5. This is what’s on offer…


CAM Plus brings with it the grip of a real camera, a pressure sensitive shutter button, and a rolling zoom wheel. It gives you more control over your photos and compliments the G5’s dual lens 24MP camera nicely. It also boosts the battery capacity up from 2,800mAh to a gaint 4,000mAh.

LG 360 CAM

360 CAM, on the other hand, is a camera in it own right. It has two lenses, each with a 180-degree field of vision, letting you create immersive 360-degree video to watch on your…

LG 360 VR

… 360 VR headset. The lightweight headset is compact and lets you view virtual reality content. This is the first VR device from LG, going toe-to-toe with the Samsung Gear VR headset, powered by Facebook-owned Oculus.

LG Rolling Bot

Rolling Bot is pretty much what it says on the tin. It’s a spherical smartphone-controlled robot, and it moves around your home by rolling. The idea being that you’ll be able to monitor what’s going at home (with its 8MP camera) when you’re not there.

There’s also an IR blaster on board, so if you want to deter would-be thieves from your empty home, you can turn on the TV or the radio with just a tap.

LG Tone Platinum

The Tone Platinum is a wireless Bluetooth headset you wear around your neck. Inside there are retractable, tangle-free earphones that reach up to your ears, providing 24-bit Hi-Fi sound.

LG Hi-Fi Plus

Continuing on the audio theme, Hi-Fi Plus is another modular addition. Slot out the G5’s battery, and you’ll be able to replace it with an extension from Bang & Olufsen’s B&O Play division.

This little device is actually a converter, providing high-quality audio through the 3.5mm headphone jack. You’ll still need to have some pretty high-spec headphones to notice the difference, but it’s nice to have the option.

If you’ve got any questions about the new LG products, drop us a comment below. And if you fancy getting your very own LG G5, follow the link to find out more.

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