What a smart home of the future could look like

A glimpse into your home, 10 years from now…
What a smart home of the future could look like
Homes kitted out with smart tech are now the mainstream, but what does the future hold? Here are some smart home predictions we actually think might happen…

So, you and your virtual assistant have built up quite the rapport. You’ve smartened up your bulbs, and have even started controlling your appliances through your smartphone. Life is good. But what does the future hold? We’re taking a look into our crystal ball (which is totally smart powered by the way) and calling out a few predictions that could be on the cards for you and your humble abode.

A more connected future

smart toilet

Let’s start things off with a near-future prediction: more of your household utilities and appliances will be connected. Analysts have actually predicted that by the end of 2020, we’ll have 20.4 billion connected things in the world. Last year, we saw connected toilets, microwaves and even cars – and although none of those products are exactly mainstream right now, we reckon those, and more, will be on their way to plenty of homes near you very soon.

In fact, another report suggests that a typical family home will contain more than 500 smart devices by 2022. This may seem like a bold claim but we don’t think it’s too far off. Who knows, come 2022 you could be shouting ‘Alexa, shower on’ down your hallway when you’re running late for work.

Matters of the smart with Emotional AI

woman with smart speaker

Whether you’re the proud owner of an Amazon Echo or a Google Home, you can expect your virtual assistant to start getting to know you a little better. That’s right, they’ll be able to detect and analyse how you’re feeling by the tone of your voice. Freaked out? Don’t unplug your assistant just yet, this is actually a good thing. If your assistant’s able to tell you’re stressed or that a request is urgent, they’ll react quicker and more efficiently then when you’re requesting an endless stream of knock-knock jokes. Basically, they’ll prioritise just like a real assistant. Now, if only they could make you a cuppa.

Adopt a bot for smarter sleep

somnox sleep robot

Service robots for personal and domestic use have grown over the past couple of years, and we predict this is just the tip of the iceberg. They won’t just be programmed to help us with daily household chores like vacuuming and washing up either. The Somnox Sleep Robot is a smart device that claims to enhance your quality of sleep. This adorable soft-robotic uses breathing regulation and soothing audio to help you sleep faster, deeper and even wake you up at the optimal time through a smart alarm.

With all these robotic advances rolling out, we don’t see bot butlers that are at your beck and call as being too far off. Watch this space (and maybe stock up on silver cloches).

Switching to a no-switch lifestyle

Some reports claim that by 2030, buttons, switches and non-entertainment screens will be a thing of the past, with ‘invisible technology’ taking over entirely. Instead, everything will be replaced with full voice and, thanks to advances in AI, living pattern recognition.

The latter suggests that you won’t even need to call out for your virtual assistant to do something for you anymore. In the future your Virtual Assistant could just know you’re home, and get the place lit, heated and turned on – just the way you like it. Talk about a happy home.

AR’s becoming the real deal

augmented reality

Ready for an entertainment overhaul? Well you better be, because by 2030 it looks like we could start seeing large displays replaced by interactive, multi-dimensional spaces for an ultimate visual and sensory AR experience. And this will be on a grand scale. Flat TVs in homes could all be replaced with interactive spaces - with the use of AR glasses, helmets, and holograms.

The phrase ‘Pass the remote’ will no longer be uttered. Imagine, if instead of unwinding after a long day with a boxset, you went exploring in the Amazon rainforest. You can sign us up.

Which smart home prediction do you want to see launch first? Are there any you’ve heard of that aren’t on our list? Share your thoughts and questions in the comments below.

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