What 5G will do for mobile gaming?

See what 5G could for to the gaming industry...
What 5G will do for mobile gaming?

With 5G on our doorstep, we’re expecting to see some revolutionary advances in the way we use mobile data for gaming.

What is 5G in a nutshell?

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Faster download speeds and zero latency will make mobile gaming more seamless and extremely fast.

Download speeds on 5G are said to beat most home broadband transfer rates, and will be up to 10x faster than 4G, so speed is certainly the name of the game here.

Another benefit of the faster network is that it should result in less congestion of connected devices, since users won’t be clogging up pages while waiting for their downloads.

5G was also built with more ‘lanes’, so it can handle peak time usage better, too. Think about a motorway – the more lanes it has the more the traffic flows.

How will 5G help mobile gaming?

There are loads of mobile games today which require an internet connection to play, whether it’s logging you in to compete against your friends, trying to get you to buy that gem pack, or giving you freebies from ads, and some of these things are notorious for lagging and taking a while.

Your phone will last longer

If your phone isn’t overworking itself logging into servers and loading adverts, then you should find yourself with more battery life at the end of the day too.

Another benefit for your battery is that if it’s streaming games then your phone won’t have to process a bunch of objects and it should have to work as hard, so your phone won’t get hot within minutes of playing.

This means that your phone doesn’t have to utilise top-of-the-range hardware to play the latest titles, so by 2020 even the most budget smartphone should easily be able to access these games, as long as it’s got a 5G chipset.

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Cloud gaming

One cloud-based gaming app that’s already out and ready for 5G is Hatch. It’s almost like Netflix for games, with a home page full of different games that you can play right there, with no downloads needed.

You can jump between games whenever you want to, so if you’re getting frustrated with terrible shots on Angry Birds, you can pick something else to play. It’s a great way to get a taster of a bunch of different games as well, if you’re one of those people who finds their Steam library full of yet-to-play titles.

While downloads will happen in the blink of an eye, cloud-based gaming is the ideal next step. Instead of filling up your devices with storage-hungry apps, you can just play whatever you want, whenever you want.

Google are working on a similar platform, with Stadia being announced earlier this year, so we’re excited to see just what 5G will do for mobile gaming.

Excited for the mobile gaming revolution? Take a look at some of our incredible 5G phones.

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