Top tips for mobile gamers

Get the most out of playing games on your phone…
Top tips for mobile gamers

You can’t beat a bit of gaming on the go. Nothing makes a boring commute pass more quickly. Or if you’re on a first date and the conversation’s dried up, why not pass the time with a quick blast of Fortnite? Nothing wrong with that at all.

If you’re a regular mobile gamer, we’ve got some top tips to help you play like a pro and take things to the next level. So what are you waiting for? Ready up, and read on…

Get some extra life

Advanced graphics and stunning special effects can really enhance your gaming experience. But they can also drain your battery pretty quickly too. So what’s the solution?

For starters, try turning down the brightness on your display. Dimming down the on-screen action to a less eye-melting level is a great way of saving power. You should also think about disabling Bluetooth and Wi-Fi if you’re playing an offline game, and even turning down the volume.

These days, most good games come with their own power saving options. Typically, these will reduce the quality of the graphics to extend your battery life. So if your favourite game is hitting your battery hard, dive into its settings and look out for a battery or power saving mode.

Last but not least, why not treat yourself to some back-up power? Hardly any smartphones have replaceable batteries any more (boo), so a power bank is the thing you need. As a rough size guide – a 2,000mAh power bank should be enough to fully charge your phone. A 4,000mAh power bank will charge it twice over, and so on. Carphone Warehouse has a huge range of portable power banks, so check them out.

Keep an eye on your data

If you’re playing an online game on the go, it’ll be using up some of your monthly data allowance. Luckily, we’ve got some great advice on making the most of your mobile data in this Lowdown article:

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Or why not go offline? From the insanely addictive Plants vs Zombies to the action-filled racer Asphalt 8: Airborne, there are some amazing games that you can play offline, without using an ounce of data.

Get the right phone

A good phone can really add to your mobile gaming experience, especially if it has features designed with gamers in mind. We rounded up the best phones for gaming in a recent Lowdown article - if you’re due an upgrade or are looking to buy a SIM free handset, the links to buy from Carphone Warehouse are all in there:

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Stay safe

Finally, a few words on safety. We strongly recommend that you sit or stand somewhere safely when you’re playing a game on your phone. Yes, it’s called mobile gaming, but try not to do it when you’re actually walking about.

Having said that, we realise that there are certain mobile games that use augmented reality to interact with your real-life surroundings. Pokémon GO is the obvious example here, but newer games like The Walking Dead: Our World also use the same technology. So if you really can’t stand still when you’re playing a game, always be aware of your surroundings and don’t get distracted. A recent study estimated that Pokémon GO caused more than 100,000 traffic accidents in the US. So if you’ve really gotta catch ‘em all or fight off hordes of marauding zombies, be safe. That’s all.

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