Top tablets for the family

If you’re in the market for a kid-friendly tablet, here are some of the best…
Top tablets for the family

If you’re looking for a new tablet - and you’ve got kids - you’ll want one that everyone can use safely, for work and play. Luckily, there are some great family-friendly options available.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8”

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is a quality tablet. It’s lightweight, easy to hold, and it’s also very sturdy – making it perfect for family life. Your kids will love watching their favourite shows on its bright and vivid 8-inch screen, and the 32GB memory gives you plenty of room to save family videos, and download games or apps from the Google Play Store.

Parental controls are easy to set up. You can block inappropriate content, restrict access to the Google Play Store, and prevent in-app purchases from ‘accidentally’ being made.

Price rating: £ £ £ £ (out of 5)
You can buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8” tablet from Currys.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3

The whole family can gather round and watch movies on the Yoga Tab 3. It’s got a large 10-inch high resolution display and integrated speakers, so everything you watch will looks and sound awesome. Plus, it’s got a neat little built-in stand, so nobody has to volunteer to rest it on their knees.

Battery life is great too – all going well, you should last about 18 hours between charges. If you need to keep the kids quiet on long journeys, you could do worse than making the Yoga Tab 3 part of the family.

Price rating: £ £ £ (out of 5)
You can buy the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 from Currys.

Amazon Fire HD 8

The Fire HD 8 is a great value tablet. Its tough plastic back is solid and sturdy, and round the front there’s a decent 8-inch display to take care of all cartoon-viewing needs. Meanwhile in the Amazon Appstore, you’ll find 600,000 available titles including big hitters like Minecraft, Spotify and Netflix.

The parental controls on the Fire HD 8 are powerful and far-reaching. You can block unsuitable content, stop in-app purchases, put time-limits on your child’s browsing habits and – they’ll love this – set educational goals for them.

Price rating: £ £ (out of 5)
You can buy the Amazon Fire HD 8 from Currys.

ACER Iconia One 8

The ACER Iconia One 8 is perfect for little ones, because it comes with the Kids Center app pre-installed. This gives you the power to keep a beady eye on all the content your offspring can access, and you can also select which apps they’re allowed to use. The Kids Center app also comes with pre-selected games, books, videos and apps that are appropriate for your kid’s age.

The ACER Iconia One 8 isn’t just for children though. It’s got more than enough features to keep grown-ups happy too. There’s a 5MP rear camera capable of shooting Full HD videos, and a 2MP front camera that lets everyone get into the frame for group selfies or video calls. Screen quality is good too - the 8-inch HD display can be viewed from virtually any angle, thanks to some clever IPS screen technology.

Price rating: £ £ (out of 5)
You can buy the ACER Iconia One 8 from Currys.

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