Top mobile myths - debunked

Are you guilty of believing any of these common misconceptions?
Top mobile myths - debunked

Sorting fact from fiction

Mobile technology moves so fast it’s hard to keep up with the latest best practices. That means there are plenty of ‘facts’ about your smartphone that are no longer true. To put the rumours to bed, here's the truth..

1. Closing apps won't make your phone run any faster

Smartphones are smart - it's in the name. So these days they don’t let apps do much in the background. In fact, most decent apps don’t do anything. They just sit in a standby mode so you can open them quickly. When you shut down background apps, all you’re really doing is slowing your phone down when you next want to open them.

2. You don't need to totally drain your battery before recharging

This was once an undeniable fact, but technology has moved on and this is now just a myth that won’t die. Early mobile phones had nickel-based batteries, and if you didn’t drain these completely they’d ‘forget’ to use the last bit of power the next time. But with modern lithium-ion batteries, that problem doesn’t exist and you can charge up as often as you want.

3. Charge to 100% if you want - it's not that important

Yes, making sure your phone has hit 100% will give you the longest possible battery life, but it isn’t necessary. In fact, your phone’s battery is most efficient when kept between 20 - 80%. In other words, the bit of charge between 80% and 100% won’t last as long as the charge between 60% and 80%.

4. More megapixels don't always mean better photos

Most of us look at the number of megapixels in our phone’s camera and think it’s the only spec that matters, but that isn’t the case. Look at iPhone, for example – in terms of megapixels, iPhone cameras have lagged behind the top Android phones for years, yet the photos easily compete. Take a look at everything that goes into making a top camera phone.

5. Better specs don't necessarily mean a better phone, either

It’s not just cameras that can have misleading headline numbers, almost every part of your phone has a stat that won’t tell the whole story. Is a phone with a 2.0GHz processor faster than a 1.6GHz one? Will a 3,200mAh battery last longer than a 3,000mAh one? While the numbers can give a rough guide, so much goes into a phone that you’ll only know what’s best after trying them out.

6. Android isn't plagued by viruses

No, Android is not riddled with viruses and malware. As long as you stick to the official Google Play Store, you’re very unlikely to pick up any rogue software. However, Android does let you install apps from other places that aren’t regulated, so you could find something malicious if you leave the safety of Google’s built-in ecosystem.

7. Automatic brightness doesn't save battery

When you turn on automatic brightness, your phone adjusts the power going to the screen to give you the optimum viewing experience. That also stops the screen using so much battery. But to do this, your phone needs to power a light sensor and regularly process the data it’s gathered, which uses more power than the screen’s saved.

8. Factory reset doesn't actually delete everything

You should always factory reset your phone before selling it on or giving it away. But whaty you might not know is that your phone won’t actually delete everything - it’ll just put your data into a state where it can be overwritten. That means tech-savvy hackers can find your photos, login info and more. So to make sure everything's really safe and protected, encrypt your phone and then factory reset it.

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