The best budget Android phones around

If you’re looking for a great value handset, take your pick…
The best budget Android phones around

Are you in the mood for a new Android smartphone but don’t want to break the bank? Then you’re in luck. There are some great value Android handsets out there, packed with the kind of features you’d normally expect to see on expensive premium smartphones. Here’s our pick of the bunch.

Pixel 3a – the best of Google for less than you think

Pixel 3a is a brilliant budget phone. It basically took all the best tech from the flagship Pixel 3, and stuck a cheaper price tag on it. Sure, the Pixel 3a is a plastic phone, but we don’t mind that at all. It feels stronger and (whisper it) less slippery than the glass-bodied Pixel 3.

Night Sight is the standout feature on the Pixel 3a’s camera. It sucks up every bit of your subject’s detail and colour, and brightens everything up. Even if you’re in complete darkness, you’ll be able to see everything in front of you. Motion auto-focus feature is another impressive piece of camera tech, letting you get everyone in the shot perfectly in focus.

Free unlimited space for photos is obviously very welcome, and there’s 64GB of inbuilt storage to save all those apps, games and other stuff you can’t do without. Finally, let’s not forget Google Assistant. It instantly carries out your commands and answers any question you can think of. All you need to do is ask.

Buy the Pixel 3a

Motorola Moto G8 Power Lite – days of power

This definitely isn’t a phone that’s light on power. With a hefty 5,000mAh you’ll be going for days before you need to recharge. In fact, the average user gets about 3 days off a single charge – even more if you do things in moderation.

The triple rear cameras really give you a chance to get creative with your snaps. With auto-focus and facial detection features, taking great shots full of detail couldn’t be easier - just point and shoot. Plus, you can easily capture beautiful portraits using that arty blurred effect known as bokeh. And with the macro camera, you can take close-ups full of amazing detail.

The huge 6.5-inch HD+ display stretches from edge-to-edge, so it’s great for entertainment. You’ll be able to completely immerse yourself in your favourite movies and games.

There’s also a fingerprint reader located on its back – a quick press opens and unlocks the phone in an instant. We can remember when this cool security feature first appeared on a premium smartphone, and here it is on a super-budget phone. Impressive stuff.

Buy the Motorola Moto G8 Power Lite

Oppo A9 2020 – 4k film-making

Fancy yourself as a bit of a movie-maker? Then you’ll love shooting video on the Oppo A9 2020. You’ll be filming in stunning 4K, and bringing incredible detail to all those special moments with your family and friends. And with video stabilisation on-board, your footage will be super-smooth even when you’re on the move.

The huge 48MP rear camera is all about detail too, and it also features an Ultra Night Mode to brighten up those low-lit moments. And thanks to the 5,000 mAh battery, you can power through the day without needing to head for a charger.

This is a phone that looks after gamers. Switch on Game Boost 2.0, and get ready to beat those high scores. The improved frame rate makes the action look smoother, and everything becomes more responsive.

Buy the Oppo A9 2020

Huawei Y5 – great night-time camera

This is a great budget phone for photography, all day and night. The 13MP main camera has a large aperture that lets in up to 50% more light. That brightens up your darkest shots, even if you’re still snapping away at sunset.

Round the front, the 5MP selfie camera has a toning flash that lets in natural colour. It does a great job of making all your profile pics look their best, even when you take them in low-lit restaurants and clubs.

You get 16GB of internal storage for all your photos and other important stuff, but if that’s not enough you can add up to 512GB by slotting in a microSD card. Plus, you'll stay powered up all day long with the big 3,020mAh battery.

Buy the Huawei Y5

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